What is Bills Backers?
Bills Backers International (BBI) is an organized network of more than 100,000 Bills fans worldwide. Chapters are set up as individual entities that organize their own gatherings on game days. There are currently more than 180 chapters located in over 40 different U.S. states and throughout 11 countries!

How do I find a Bills Backers Chapter near me?
Use the Bills Backers locator map to search for a chapter anywhere in the world. Scroll over a Bills Backers icon anywhere on the map for detailed chapter information.

How do I start a Bills Backers Chapter in my area?
Begin by selecting a public meeting place for your chapter to cheer for the Buffalo Bills on game day. Next, fill out this online form to officially submit your request to start a Bills Backers Chapter. We'll be in contact as soon as possible after we recieve your application. Please contact Anna at, with any questions or concerns. Please note that in order to be displayed on the Bills Backers locator map, chapters must meet in a public place and be accepting new members.

How can I communicate with chapters in away game cities?
Use the Bills Backers locator map to search for a chapter in any city, state, or country that you may be traveling to, and let the cheering begin!

How are the fees for each chapter determined?
Bills Backers Chapters are run independently of the Buffalo Bills. Some chapters have no membership fees while others may charge nominal dues or fees associated with location, food, mailings, etc. The Buffalo Bills do not regulate these fees. Please contact the Chapter President with any issues or questions.

I am the main contact/President of a chapter, how can I update my Chapter information?
Please e-mail with your most up-to-date membership list and meeting place.