Alan Branch: re-signing with Buffalo "an easy decision"

Posted Dec 23, 2013

Bills Defensive End Alan Branch talks about his contract extension and why he wanted to stay in Buffalo.

DT Alan Branch Contract Extension

Monday, December 23, 2013

Q: Congrats.

A: Appreciate it.

Q: This is something you were talking about wanting a couple weeks ago. How does it feel?

A: It feels good just knowing my future is secure for a little bit and just not wondering what’s going to be happening the next couple of months. That’s a load off as well. Just knowing I’m on a team like the team I’m on right now. The players that are passionate and competitive and just knowing that we’re just a step away from putting everything together and becoming that playoff team that we know that we can be. I’m excited about being a part of that building process.

Q: What about the fit you seem to find yourself in Mike Pettine’s defense?

A: I like the fit a lot. Schematically this is one of the better defenses for me because I’m a quicker big fella so I can get penetration or I can surprise them with some power. I keep the offensive lineman on their toes most of the time. I feel like that goes towards my strengths a lot. Like I said, this defense we get along great and on the defensive front we know what each other might be doing. We don’t have to be looking at the person; we’ve just been with each other long enough to know. I just like the rapport we have over here right now.

Q: After playing that waiting game in free agency last year, how important was it for you to get this done now?
A: It was very important. Like I said, I enjoy the team, I like the scheme, and I like the players here. I wanted to stay here and I wanted everything to be fair, so when my agent and the team, got everything settled that was an easy decision for me to stay because I like the area and I like the people and like I said I like the team.

Q: You’ve been on a playoff team, how close is this team to that?

A: It’s very close. I feel like I was part of the building process somewhat in Seattle and I see a lot of similar things. I see games, all the games that we lost were by a few points and that was kind of the exact same it was in Seattle as well. I felt like we actually may have been in some areas a little bit more ahead than Seattle was when I was there in some aspects. I feel like next year the sky is the limit. I think we can go deep in the playoffs with the talent we have in here.

Q: How long did you resign for?

A: I signed for three years.