Backers around the country to host Bills draft parties

Posted Apr 25, 2013

Celebrate the Bills first pick of the 2013 Draft with fellow Backers at a party near you!

What better way to spend the first night of the 2013 NFL Draft than with fellow Bills fans in your home away from Buffalo? Bills Backers around the country are hosting draft parties Thursday night to celebrate our first round draft pick. With drink specials and wings at most of these events and guaranteed good company, these parties are sure to bring a little taste of Buffalo from coast-to-coast as the draft kicks off from New York City.

Click for more information on Bills Backers draft parties in the following cities:



Los Angeles


New Orleans

New York City


St. Petersburg

Washington D.C.

Don’t see your city on this list? Check out the complete Bills Backers Chapter listing or create your own chapter to get ready for the 2013 season. Email with any questions.