Bill Polian: "It's a sad day for everyone"

Posted Mar 25, 2014

Six-time NFL Executive of the Year and former Bills GM Bill Polian offered his thoughts on the passing of Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.


“It’s a sad day for everyone in the Bills family, myself included. He gave me my start in this business as a general manager when no one even knew my name. So I have a great regard and great affection for him. I think that what most people don’t know is the great sense of humor he had. He was really always available with a joke and a quip. He was passionate about his team – very demanding about his team, but he had a great sense of humor and (he was) a very kind person. People that are close to the Bills know about the many kindnesses that he shared with people through the years with absolutely no public notice. … A really good man. A decent man. Very important for the NFL – kept the Bills in Buffalo when he could have had very much better deals in many other places. But always said the Bills in his lifetime will never leave Buffalo and he kept that word. He was a man of his word; you could take his word to the bank. You didn’t need a contract with Ralph Wilson.”