Bills win Responsibility Bowl for second year in a row

Posted Feb 11, 2016

Bills fans once again beat an AFC East division rival, the Miami Dolphins, to become the Responsibility Bowl champions.

Thanks to Bills fans who participated in the Bud Light Good Sport program, both at Ralph Wilson Stadium and on social media this year, the Bills have once again been crowned the Responsibility Bowl champions. The Responsibility Bowl is a competition to see which NFL team can garner the most support for their designated driver program throughout the season. The Bills earned points when fans pledged to be designated drivers on gameday, and when fans used #BillsFansNeverDriveDrunk on Twitter and Facebook to promote the program.

“We appreciate the tremendous support from responsible Bills fans who truly care about their fellow fan’s game day experience, and who registered to be a designated driver this past season,” said Andy Major, Buffalo Bills vice president of operations and guest experience. “Our fans’ second consecutive victory in the Responsibility Bowl supports the positive trend of responsible, respectful and courteous fan behavior the vast majority of our valued fans practice. We thank the greatest fans in the NFL, and we are also very thankful to our partners from TEAM Coalition and MADD who provide these fun and unique ways for the Bills to share the message of responsible drinking and responsible behavior.”

The Buffalo Bills started off strong in the second annual Responsibility Bowl defeating their first opponent, the Carolina Panthers, 23,231 points to 4,392! Those point totals combine the number of designated drivers signed up for the game, multiplied by six as if they were touchdowns, with one additional “extra point” coming from each mention of #BillsFansNeverDriveDrunk on social media. In other words, the Bills had 3,785 “touchdowns” over their two preseason home games and 521 “extra points” on their way to their first round win.

After victories over the Cardinals, Ravens and Patriots, the Bills faced, for the second consecutive year, an AFC East rival in the final round of the Responsibility Bowl—the Miami Dolphins. The Bills made a push with contests on social media that encouraged fans to spread the program’s message and came away with a championship—winning 12,000 points to the Dolphins 8,000.

COMMENT using #BillsFansNeverDriveDrunk to be entered to win an autographed helmet and help us win the Responsibility Bowl!

Posted by Buffalo Bills on Saturday, December 26, 2015

During the 2015-16 season, the Bills recorded a season record of over 20,000 designated drivers! In addition, the Bills had their lowest number of game day incidents in the team’s history, and finished second in the entire NFL with total number of fans that signed up to be a designated driver.

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