Brandon Moore on Doug Marrone

Posted Jan 7, 2013

New York Jets OL Brandon Moore:

"I just could not be happier for a guy that I had the opportunity to cross paths with. From the day I came in being a young defensive tackle switched over to offensive guard, he was the coach that kind of paved the way and led the way with all of the extra things.

His ability to communicate in a way that a lot of players are not used to with coaches I think is one of the attributes that he brings as a coach. There was never a time that you could not stop by his office or pull him aside and have a conversation with him in a manner where you felt like he understood where you were coming from.

You also felt like he had your best interest at heart. I could not be happier for a guy that worked his way up as an o-line coach working in anonymity and not getting a lot of limelight. To work himself up with a lot of work to coordinator and head coach and kind of turning around a program that had been down for a few years in Syracuse to now getting an opportunity in the big leagues."