C.J. Spiller: "I just saw daylight"

Posted Dec 1, 2013

Bills running back talks about the Bills disappointing 34-31 loss to the Falcons in overtime.


Q: It seemed like a couple times today you guys had this game, what happened?

A: Anytime you lose it’s always frustrating. We had opportunities to win it and we just didn’t. They made more plays then we did down the stretch.

Q: Talk about that run in the beginning of the game.

A: Inside zone-play. Offensive line did a great job blocking, Stevie did a great job blocking, I just didn’t finish a play that probably should have been a touch-down. That’s probably the first time ever being caught like that. All those guys did a great job up front, I just saw daylight and unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it.

Q: Is your ankle okay?

A: It’s fine.

Q: How did you feel going into the game?

A: I felt great going into the game, as a team we had a great week of preparation leading up to this one. Physically I felt good, like I said just later in the game it just got caught up but it calmed down and wasn’t anything where I reinjured or anything like that. I just let it calm down and it felt fine the rest of the game.

Q: You had a fourth-quarter touchdown look similar to your run play earlier in the game.

A: Almost the identical same play. Offensive line did a great job. I seen a receiver blocking to my right, I think it was Robert Woods, and I saw the safety coming down and I just cut behind those guys and made him miss, I wasn’t going to get caught on that one.

Q: Seemed like you guys really worked off one another when running the ball.

A: We had a great day running the ball. That was our goal coming into the game, we wanted to run it. Like I said, during the bye week we were going to fix the running game and today was a great example of that. The guys did a great job upfront blocking and we just tried to find holes and take advantage of them.

Q: Can you talk about the two fumbles that occurred today?

A: I saw it coming. You’re on the side line and there’s nothing you can do. Both times both guys did a great job of hitting the ball. You have to give them credit, pretty sure they practiced that. We just have to do a better job on the offensive side of taking care of it. Unfortunately the game ended the way it did on the offensive side of the ball. As an offense we want to be the ones to lead our team to victory and today we weren’t able to do that.

Q: Talk about being a young and talented team.

A: We are one of the youngest teams in the NFL but we can’t use that as an excuse. We are all professionals here and played a lot of games now, but the future is bright in this organization. We have a great quarterback that’s leading the charge, great receivers, and offensive line gelling well. There’s something special that’s building, now we just have to go out there and win these type of games. When you have a chance to do something that hasn’t been done since 1991, you have to take advantage of the opportunities and today we didn’t take advantage of that.

Q: Thoughts about the fans?

A: I thought they were the loudest since I have been coming up here. The fans are very into it, and that’s what we need. Every time we come up here we need those guys to support us because it’s definitely a different feel from the Ralph but today was definitely the loudest since I’ve been coming here.

Q: Fred called this the most frustrating loss this season, would you agree with that?

A: It is because, when you’re sitting there in the hunt to make the playoffs, technically we’re not out of it, but this was an opportunity to help our chances. It’s very frustrating that we didn’t get it done. We have to give Atlanta credit, those guys just a couple more plays then what we did and able to come away with the win. I have all the faith in the world that we will regroup, we won’t dwell on it, it hurts for a couple days but come Wednesday we have to shift our focus to Tampa Bay and get ready for another tough match-up and hostile environment.