Doug Marrone: "I am very proud of this team"

Posted Dec 15, 2013

Bills head coach Doug Marrone talks about how proud he is of his team's effort in their 27-20 win vs Jacksonville.


Opening statement:
“First of all, I am very proud of this team. Obviously, this was a battle, well fought by two teams. We have been in these types of games throughout the year and have come up on the short side of it. I give the players credit for hanging in there today because we came up on the side we want to be on. It’s easy to say things as a coach in the locker room during the week to get things going. During the course of the game, adversity hits. Obviously you will have some questions about some areas that we did bad in, some tough times for us offensively and defensively. But the one thing is we were able to get a response. That is a credit to those guys in the locker room. I am very excited for them. We are going to enjoy this win and get ourselves back to work to try and get back-to-back (win) situation going.” 

On EJ Manuel’s tough start:
“In the beginning, we are trying to get him started a little bit, but he is not getting off to a good start. You sit there as a coach and say ‘Ok, he’s pressing, he’s going’. All the talk during the week for the coaching staff and him is he is putting this all on himself. We have to get you off to a good start. I keep thinking to myself that there is never any doubt in my mind to ever take him out. He learns from snap to snap what goes on. There are some pressures in there. People have gotten us on that during the year. They bring a little free safety and they get us so they bring it again. Tough look and we didn’t get it. You are seeing a quarterback that is involved in the process and getting better and better. We have seen times when he is in there where he has played extremely well. I was really proud of the two drives before the half, the 90- and 94- yard drives. We came back and were able to get that field goal to put us up by 10. I thought he did a very good job in that.” 

On Marcell Dareus’ absence due to injury:
“We had to move some people around when we went to big personal when we needed a lot of lineman out there. I give Aaron (Williams) credit at the end of the day because he had the ribs (injury) and was taken out. You talk about veteran players and veteran leadership, maybe little things that people don’t see. He (Aaron) goes in there and make two great plays. That is what being a pro is.  I thought on the punt when weren’t able to close the game out in the end. The little thing you see is they had a good pursuit, but Jerry Hughes makes a good play that people won’t see. That’s another guy being a pro and doing a good job. I was proud of those guys for that.” 

On Robert Woods’ performance:
“I thought Robert played well. He was targeted six times and had five receptions. I think it’s the same thing. You don’t see the accuracy by the quarterback where he really put it there. You saw Robert and some of the receivers do a nice job with the catch radius. There were able to go out and catch a ball that was here or catch a ball that was there. It wasn’t necessary perfect, but they were able to make those plays.” 

On the Stevie Johnson situation with his mother:
“Obviously, I am going to confirm that. I was made of aware of it yesterday and talked to Stevie. My thoughts with Stevie are (that) my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are going to take care of you. It’s a tough situation, but for any additional comments on it you will have to ask Stevie about that. It’s a very personal use.” 

On what went into Johnson playing:
“I think there was a conversation. It’s a very difficult situation. We discussed it. It was in his corner, lack for a better word. It’s what he would like to do and how he would like to go about it. But I am going to have to make a decision whether I am comfortable with that and if he is able to perform. I thought he did and we will move forward from that.” 

On the idea of taking Manuel out:
“I think it’s an idea of others. I was asked the question the other day in the production meeting, ‘When do you take him out or do you ever think about taking him out?’ I said you have someone who is 10-11 games old now and I am firm believer that rep-to-rep-to-reap you are getting better and better. That is what he needs. It’s been what my philosophy has been before. That jumped into my mind, ‘Hey, here they go. What is he thinking this time?’ That is why it popped into my head.”

On giving up a lot of rush yards:
“I think it’s the same thing we talked about last week. You overrun a gap; miss a tackle or someone should be in there. You have to give credit because they ran the ball well. When we look at that we say hey listen you can’t make those mistakes in this league. You have to be where that thing is unfolding. Mike (Pettine) doesn’t like to use the term, fit your gap, but you have to be in those seems when they come open and knowing when the safety is coming down and what is going on. Like I said before, when you do it well you will get a lot of tackles for losses and no gains. When we don’t defend it, we get hurt really bad.”