Doug Marrone: "I'm just hurting"

Posted Dec 1, 2013

The Bills head coach talks about the 34-31 overtime loss to the Falcons.


Opening Statement:

Obviously it was a tough game. Both teams went at it pretty good, back and forth, a lot of emotional swings. At the end of the day we weren’t able to make the play to come up with the win so obviously that is discouraging and we just have to keep working and work harder and make some better plays.

Q: Any thoughts on those fumbles?

A: I think those guys did a nice job, they knocked it out. At the end of the day, you don’t like it to come down to those plays. There’s other things that go on during the game and that’s what we have to do a better job all around so that things like that, the game doesn’t come down to that at the end. We want to be better than that.

Q: You think the game comes down to that if you’re playing that game at home?

A: Oh absolutely not, I don’t. I just think you have to play and just make plays. You’ve got to block things, it’s funny I think when you play and you’re out there and even when you’re coaching, you really don’t know what’s going on. I think people think that the players feed off the crowd and things like that and that may happen but basically you have to feed off each other.

Q: So that’s a myth? Defenses feeding off the crowd?

A: I have no idea. I can only answer the question of when I played in the game. I was focused in as an offensive lineman. I thought the crowd today was good, they were on our side. They were giving us the boost that we needed. I thought the fans of Toronto did a nice job. They were loud.

Q: What happened on those long runs on defense?

A: We missed a guy in the hole, we had a free hitter in the hole, we missed the first one. That was the first touchdown. The next one, we had two of our players, they overran the play and we didn’t have enough good inside pursuit. That’s exactly what happened.

Q: What’s your vantage point on those late defensive penalties?

A: My vantage point is not a great view and I think anything with officials, those guys are trying to do the best job they can. We have the reports and I’ll look at it again to see what my thoughts are and then I’ll send my reports in just like I’ve been doing every week. That’s basically how the process works.

Q: You seemed pretty emphatic on the call against Aaron (Williams)?

A: I do a poor job; I get upset about a lot of calls.

Q: The (Nickell) Robey one, didn’t it seem like two guys going for the ball?

A: Again, you guys are trying to get me in trouble. I can’t do it, my wife will kill me.

Q: Can you comment on the play of C.J. (Spiller)?

A: Yeah, I thought he played well. He started off early; he got nicked up a little bit. I don’t know if he was on the report, he got nicked up a little bit and was hobbling. Went back in there and he made some big runs. I was happy to see him (do that); it’s been like that. I think he’s been working extremely hard, he goes in there and makes the big run and gets nicked up. Starts limping a little bit and gets himself back in there. It’s kind of been that type of season for C.J., but I think you can see he can make some big plays out there. I was happy to see him do that.

Q: Anyone else hurt?

A: No, they told me at halftime nobody was hurt and I didn’t get anything else. C.J. I actually asked him and he told me. Actually excuse me I saw C.J. limp and asked Tyrone Wheatley, ‘Is C.J. limping?’ and he said, ‘He’s limping,’ I said, ‘Is he alright?’ Tyrone said, ‘He’s going to go back in there.’ I said, ‘Is he ready to go?’ He said, ‘He’s ready to go.’ So that’s how that conversation went.

Q: Does it hurt to have big fumbles by veteran players?

A: You want to see players make plays, I think a lot of fingers are going to point at them and that’s what I told the players afterwards. There are a lot of things in that game that we can do a better job of. There was some poor play, first down we give up some yardage defensively. Later on when they’re in field goal position, Mario (Williams) gets a big time sack, knocks them out of field goal position, we come back and score, They get a turnover and we score, there’s a lot of things that went wrong, there’s a lot of good things. We come out in the second half, we go three and out. There are things you can do that you can sit here and say you don’t ever want to say it comes down to those plays. As a coach you don’t want to say that because really it’s the truth. There’s a lot of time sin that game where we had the ability to go up. We started out fast, which we wanted tot do and then we let them come back in. At the same time, we weren’t able to answer them when they started to come back and I think that’s a key point.

Q: Is this just one of those crappy losses you have to deal with as part of the process?

A: Every loss is, what word did you use?

Q: I said crappy.

A: I like that word; I just didn’t want to use it myself. I’m hurting, I mean I am. I'm mad. I'm not going to sit here and try to come across and smile and everything, I’m upset. There are words that I can’t use to describe how I feel. We’re going to get to a point, and I told this to the players, we’re going to get to a point where it’s not going to come down to calls or a drop, it’s not going to come down to this or that. We’re going to work our tails off and become good enough where that stuff doesn’t matter and we don’t have to sit here and make excuses or feel the way we feel. That’s what I told the team afterwards. I'm going to do a better job and it’s not going to come down to those things. I know this league and I’ve been in this league. I know it comes down to these points and things like that in every game, but gosh we’re going to work to overcome that. That’s’ what we’re going to do.

Q: Matt Ryan did a good job of keeping drives alive, can you comment on that?

A: I think we slipped, they lead the league in plus 10 drives, they do a good job of that. I think a lot of the stuff that keeps them going that way is Steven Jackson is a big strong runner. They were able to get four or five yards whether it was just quick throws early on, things like that to keep them in rhythm. I think every time that were able to knock them out of rhythm a little bit, we were able to take advantage of it. I know when Tony (Gonzalez) scored that touchdown they were running a lot of pick routes, so we ran zone to that side and they wound up throwing it to Tony for the touchdown. Credit to them, there’s a reason why that team has won a lot of games in the past five years. They did a nice job.

Q: Can you talk about the highs and lows in terms of individual play in this game? Your rookie quarterback makes two nice throws, but they end up in two big fumbles.

A: It stinks.

Q: The Falcons rushing attack had been left for dead before this game. Can you explain why they were able to be effective against your defense?

A: They did a nice job. The big run, the 27-yard run, we had someone free right there. Just have to make the play and we weren’t able to make that play and that was one of the many plays that hurt us. They did a nice job, they ran the ball 30 times, they threw it 47 times, so it was a close game. It wasn’t a game that was out of control; they got their way back in there and credit them. They did a nice job.

Q: Would you like to brag about your successful challenge?

A: That’s the bright spot. That’s the bright spot. We got that one right and it was good, but I’m just hurting. I’m hurting.