EJ Manuel: "I love our rookie class"

Posted Nov 20, 2013

Bills QB EJ Manuel addresses the media before heading home for the bye week.

QB EJ Manuel
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Q: What kind of plans do you have coming up for these four days off?
A: Hanging out with family.

Q: Local or you going home?
A: Yup, going to Virginia.

Q: Some people think you have a head of steam and maybe the bye isn’t coming at a good time. What’re your thoughts on that?
A: I don’t know, I think it’s a good time for us to kind of get home or get some time off. It’s been a long year thus far. Obviously come back ready to go.

Q: What do you make of the way the rookies have been able to make an immediate impact with this team?
A: We all just really wanted to help this team; I think that was the biggest thing. We didn’t want to come in and do a lot of talking and things like that. We just really wanted to earn our respect from our veteran teammates and thus far I think we’re still on the path to doing that.

Q: When you were here for that first rookie minicamp, did you look around and think that there was a pretty group?

A: Most definitely. Even when I saw it unfolding from the draft and I saw them pick up Kiko (Alonso) early and I saw them pick up Woody (Robert Woods) after that then they picked up Marquise (Goodwin), I was like ‘Man we’ve got some tools.’ Some guys that I had seen when I was watching when I was in college, too. Obviously it was great to meet them and now that we’re like brothers now as we’ve been together for the past couple of weeks. I love our rookie class and I’m sure they’re only going to build from that. I think we blend in very well with the older guys we have.

Q: Obviously you’re familiar with Robert and Marquise, what were your impressions of Kiko and your expectations for him?

A: Seeing him in college, they always play in those big Rose Bowl games or the Pac 12 Championship, so you always see Oregon play. He’s just a guy you always notice, always flying around the field making interceptions, making tackles, a great leader for their defense. He’s done the same here at a very young age, being a rookie like I am, too. I’m very happy he’s on my team.

Q: With you just getting back and having the type of game you had against the Jets, is this bye coming at an inopportune time?
A: No, I don’t think so. I think it’s the bye, it’s the way the season was scripted out. I don’t really think about it being a horrible time, it is what it is. Just have to come back ready to play.

Q: Are you guys excited to come back and play after the week off, especially because of how you played against the Jets?
A: Definitely. When we get back it’s going to be all business, and we understand we have to come back ready to play.

Q: Do you feel your legs may be a little fresher than some of the other guys heading in to the bye week?

A: I think it’s about the same. When you have the injuries that I had, obviously you put a lot of strain and a lot of work in to getting it back healthy and back right. Obviously you want to build it up and I’m going to continue to do that even when I’m at home during this time off. Nothing is going to change, just won’t be in the building for a few days. I think everybody still understands you have to go home and do something to make sure you’re ready when you come back.

Q: Your knee feels good?
A: Yeah it feels fine. Little sore after the game like any other person or any back or any other injury. It feels fine.