EJ Manuel: "I try to put the pressure on myself"

Posted Dec 8, 2013

Bills quarterback EJ Manuel addresses the media after his team's rough afternoon in Tampa Bay.


(On his performance today)

“A disappointing day in my performance. It starts with me, especially on offense. I’m the quarterback. I’m the leader. These guys feed off of me and I was supposed to facilitating the ball to these guys. I didn’t do a good job today – plain and simple. Got to get better – plain and simple. We’ve got to win games. I’ve got to get better as a quarterback. It’s my responsibility to do that and I have to go hard at everything during the week and just prepare even better.”

(On if there’s any discomfort when playing on the road)

“I don’t think it’s necessarily playing on the road. That may seem like it’s a recurring thing being that I had a rough game here, had a rough game in Pittsburgh and we just have to come back from it. You know, I’m not going to say because we’re not at [Ralph Wilson Stadium], I played bad or because we were on the road, I played bad. Just didn’t do well today. It’s very frustrating for me but, it’s still a learning curve at everything and just got to move on.”

(On if an emotional defeat last week affected today’s performance)

“I don’t think so. For me, I don’t think being that it was an emotional loss or whatever – it was a loss last week. I don’t think that’s the reason I came and played flat this week. For whatever reason, I have to go back and look at the film. I know there are some error passes I had, some forced passes that I don’t normally do. That’s where the interceptions come from and we just got to continue to stick to your reads and just got to do a much better job at that. I feel like that was where I struggled today and I just got to get better from it.”

(On what the Tampa Bay defense was doing that forced errors on Buffalo’s offense)

“Well they had some twists and that’s what they do. We saw that during the week of film and preparation. They do a lot of twisting, stunts and things that like that on their D-line. They have a lot of talent on their D-line position, but I think there’s still obviously room for us to get better. Just got to get better man, plain and simple.”

(On his second interception intended for wide receiver T.J. Graham)

“[Tampa Bay cornerback Johnthan Banks] undercut the guy. It was too high, so we usually get to the backside diagonal on it and [Banks] undercut the guy, like I said. I could’ve taken off and run instead of trying to force the ball in there, but I hit my second hitch and wanted to get it out of my hands. Just an error pass – can’t do it. Just got to take off and slide and get five to ten yards if you can on feet instead of throwing an interception.”

(On his third interception intended for wide receiver Stevie Johnson)

“[Johnson was] obviously trying to get inside, the guy held him up. I have to do a way better job to move onto the second guy. Not just stick on [Johnson], because obviously if [Johnson] had gotten through he would have caught the ball, but he didn’t and I have to move onto my second read.”

(On what was said to the players after today’s loss)

“We just have to figure out what’s going on with this team. I think we really have to find our identity as a team. Being that we have three games left, we really need to finish strong moving onto the offseason and things like that, so that’s probably the biggest thing about that meeting.”

(On the difficulty of mentally moving past an interception)

“The best thing after an interception, you want to come back and get another completion so you can kind of wash the interception out of your mind. I think that’s just another thing to continue to get better at through my career and don’t let one mistake become two and three and four. You have to move on and continue to get better at it.”

(On why the Buccaneers pass rush was so effective today)

“I think they have talent. They’re good on that side of the ball. They’re doing a good job. That’s what they’re supposed to do – they’re professionals, too. We just have to combat a little more. Do better at our protections and I’m sure there are some things on film that guys wish they had the opportunity to block better or try to get something back, but obviously I have to do a better job first off getting the ball off of my hands to the correct people.”

(On the Buffalo offensive line not giving Manuel enough time to get the ball off)

“I try to put the pressure on myself. I don’t blame anybody else. If I’m not getting the ball off my hands, I have to do a better job at that. I always tell the guys [that] if somebody’s getting through, I’ll take off and run. Take the pressure off of those guys – just have to do a better job.”