EJ Manuel: "That's part of our maturation as an offense"

Posted Dec 15, 2013

Bills quarterback EJ Manuel talks to the media after the team's 27-20 win over the Jaguars and Manuel's first win on the road.


on early interception:
“I was just trying to get the ball to C.J. (Spiller).  I should have just thrown it into the ground. I just wanted to stay within the game plan.  I knew it like the back of my hand and I knew that once we got the ball back we were able to make some drives down the field and our defense did a great job for us.”

on bouncing back after slow start:
“I don’t think anything changed.  It’s the flow of the game.  It happens in football.  Sometimes you start slow and sometimes you just start fast.”

on getting on same page with WR Robert Woods:
"It felt great.  ‘Woody’ is a guy who I feel like can always get open just like all of our receivers.  He made some huge, tight catches.  The DB was right on him when he came out of his breaks. I put it at a spot and he got there for it.”

on two long TD drives:
“I think that’s part of our maturation as an offense especially as young guys in the skill positions – understanding the situations.  I think we converted a lot better on third downs than we did last week.  It was huge for us to keep those drives going.”

on plays made with his legs:
“Using my versatility is a huge thing – especially playing against a defense that plays ‘cover 2’ and they try to drop a lot of guys into coverage.  So when I saw an opening, I just wanted to take off.

on ticket requests, returning to Florida:
“I had quite a few. My parents and my sister made sure they got here from Virginia and I had a few friends and family from college.”

on being inspired today:
C.J. Spiller came up to me and said ‘Let’s be special today,’ and with him being one of the leaders on offense, I think that was huge for us.   It helped clinch the game for us.”