EJ Manuel: "the best remedy ... is to win"

Posted Nov 11, 2013

The Bills quarterback talks about whether Sunday's game was a setback for the offense, if he's feeling any pressure, and how his knee feels after his first game back.

QB EJ Manuel
Monday, November 11, 2013

Q: How do you go about getting rhythm back in the offense?
A: The first step is just going back to the drawing board. Critiquing the things we missed on yesterday and that’s it man. Just really about executing and that’s all it takes.

Q: Stringing positive plays together was difficult. It affected everything it seemed.

A: Yeah I think so. When you’re in those situations where it’s third and six, third and seven, those are tough calls. If we do better on first and second down it would help us out a lot.

Q: Where do you feel you’re at chemistry wise with the receivers given the time you’ve lost due to injuries?
A: I feel pretty good. The guys are doing a good job trying to get open and I just have to do a better job of getting them the ball. I think it’s on both of us. Me throwing better balls and those guys running good routes too.

Q: It looked like this was a setback for you as an offense. Is it fair to say there were signs of regression?
A: That’s your assessment. I don’t think so. There’s always some good to take out of every game and we’re just going to continue to build on that.

Q: Do you feel any pressure building after a game like that?
A: We want to win. I think that’s the biggest thing, you can’t look at it as pressure. Just have to look at it as, it’s the situation. We’re 3-7 and we still have some games, or a lot of games left, opportunities ahead of us. We’ve just got to put all of our efforts in to this week and then have a bye week. We have to take care of the Jets first.

Q: I know you said that the last drive yesterday could probably help. For you guys, what kind of stock do you take in that as you head in to this week?
A: Just finishing strong. We didn’t give up. Obviously we were far away from being able to win the game with the amount of time we had left, but like I said yesterday it was just about having some pride about yourself and finishing the game strong.

Q: You got outside the pocket and ran a couple of times. Did that feel pretty comfortable for you?
A: Definitely having all those things in my mind when I’m taking off. If I see the first down marker right there, I’m going to try to get it.

Q: What did you take from your game personally, the good and the bad?
A: Everything. There are things I did that I felt I could’ve done better and that’s part of learning. Six games old and still have to continue to get better each and every day. Just have to move forward from it.

Q: When a teammate says there is frustration setting in to this locker room, how do you respond to that?
A: Just have to bounce back. Can’t allow the frustration to continue to build up. I think the best thing for that, the best remedy for that is to win the game. Obviously with the Jets coming up it’s going to be a huge matchup for us, another divisional game, a game that we need to get in order to get where we still want to be. That’s our remedy for it, just have to go out and win.

Q: You were wearing a knee brace this week. Did that limit you at all? How did it feel? 
A: It felt fine. Practiced with it, so I knew I’d be able to play with it and run around. I’m fine.

Q: How does it feel today?
A: It feels good.