Fan predicts seven games, wins season tickets

Posted May 1, 2014

Bills fan Wayne Carr correctly predicted seven weeks of the 2014 schedule and won 2014 season tickets from the Bills Schedule Challenge.

Wayne Carr will be spending some “free” time at the Ralph this season.

Carr, a Toronto native and dedicated Bills fan, won the Bills Schedule Challenge by correctly predicting seven weeks of the Bills 17-week regular-season, including five straight from Weeks 8 through 12. His schedule also included the Week 5 (at Detroit) and Week 17 (at Patriots) games.

"There wasn’t a lot of design," Carr explained. "I know usually they’ll play half of the division [in the] first-half [of the season] and half the division in the second half, so I kind of went on that basis. Lately they’ve been finishing with the Patriots, so that’s why I picked the Pats last. The bye week is usually after the half, so I went with that."

Although the top overall prize – free season tickets for life – went unclaimed, Carr managed season tickets for 2014, with a special game already earmarked for an annual Saturday-to-Monday trip to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

"We usually get a bunch of guys together every year and go to at least one game," said Carr. "This year it’s the Chargers game."

For what it’s worth, Buffalo native Chad Michael Murray picked three games correctly. He and Carr both fared better than Patrick Kane, Pat Kaleta, and the average Bills fan, who did not predict any games on the 2014 schedule.

A few notable numbers from the Bills Schedule Challenge:
-Among nearly 10,000 entries, only three fans had more than five weeks correct; only 22 selected more than four weeks accurately.

-Of the total pool, 123 total entries correctly picked the Bills-Bears game for Week 1

-Just 11 fans selected Week 1 (at Chicago) AND Week 17 (at New England) correctly

-Eighteen predicted both Week 1 (at Chicago) and Week 2 (vs. Miami)

-Four picked the first three games correctly (at Chicago, vs. Miami, vs. San Diego)

-18.5 percent tabbed the bye for Week 9

-11.5 percent correctly picked the regular season finale at New England

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