Fred Jackson: "They were a team we needed to beat"

Posted Dec 22, 2013

The Bills running back talks about his big performance in the 19-0 win over the Dolphins.


Talk about the performance you had today and interacting with the fans during the shout song.

You’ve got to get those guys involved. We feed off of that so as much as we can celebrate with them, let them know we appreciate them that’s what we try and do.

Talk about the performance you’ve had this season, especially off the field as a leader

When you’ve got a young team like we do, you’ve been around for a little while, you want to let those guys know what to expect. Get in their ear when they’re not doing something right or when things can be done better, or when they’re down on themselves. That’s a role not only myself, Kyle (Williams) and Eric (Wood), we’ve had to do a lot this year, one that we relish. Anytime you get voted a captain you want to live up to that. That’s one of the greatest honors playing in this game, being voted by your peers as a captain. You want to earn it, that’s how I feel. Every time I’m out on the field I want to earn being voted a captain by those guys.

How important for the team was a performance in a win like this?

It’s huge for us. We’ve had some games that have definitely not gone our way that have been hard to swallow. You don’t want that to linger going into the offseason. We don’t have a shot getting into the playoffs but we still got games that we’ve got to play. We have to show up and play those games. For us to come out here and put together a performance like we did today, it’s something that we can definitely grow on. We’ve got a great opportunity next week to go on and win a game in New England, which I haven’t done since I’ve been here. Those are the little things that we’re looking for on focusing on our team. Yeah, Miami had a lot to play for coming in but so did we. We wanted to finish this season strong and they were a team we needed to beat.

It seems like your balance is a major key as to why you get extra yardage when nobody feels you have a right now, would you agree with that?

It’s one of the things that I’ve been naturally blessed with, the balance that I have. It’s been evident since I was little. It’s one of the things that my mom used to make fun of me about, being one of my first coaches, she said that’s something that I could work on and try and perfect. Like you said, I’m not the fastest guy in the league and I know that but one of the things I wanted to be able to do was break tackles. When you can break tackles and have balance after coming out of a tackle it allows you to get those two or three extra yards. That’s what I try and pride myself on, being able to get those yards after contact, shedding tacklers and keeping the sticks moving.

When did you feel like you guys had a rhythm to the run game?

I would probably say the second series in the game. Even in the first series there were some things that the films on the sideline we thought we could take advantage of. We knew coming into the game that the weather was going to be like it was today, so running game was going to be key for us. We had a great game plan going in. You’ve got to give credit to the coaches for that. They put together a game plan that worked well for us. Second series of the game we knew that we could run the ball on those guys and it was like blood in the water. Our offensive line was looking forward to getting out there and chomping at the bit. CJ (Spiller) and I, Frank (summers) got some carries, Thad (Lewis) pulled some of the reads and we were able to make some plays today and that took a lot of pressure off them in the pass game.

Did you get the sense that the Miami defense was dead in the water after the long drive you guys had?

We did. On the field it was something we knew we could take advantage of. After about four or five plays, we again saw that there was blood in the water and we tried to attack that. And that’s what of the things about this offense is being up tempo like it is and being able to call plays at the line. It gives us an opportunity to take advantage of these things. We did that very well on that possession. We were able to go down and move down the field, stay on the field for 17 plays and get some points out of it.

How big was this win today to shutout a division rival and after talking about the leadership role that you and Kyle (Williams) have taken on?

It’s huge for us. We were starting to get to the point where we were saying it too much. Guys knew that what accountability was and being there for our teammates and that’s something we’ve stressed a lot in the locker room the past two weeks is feed off your teammates. Do whatever you’re doing on the field every play, play for your teammates. That’s what we were able to do. I think once we figured that out things have kind of turned for us. Hopefully we can continue to grow as a team and continue to play well and continue to string these wins together.