Jairus Byrd: "I want to win games here"

Posted Nov 17, 2013

The Bills safety talks about his big performance in the 37-14 win over the Jets.


Do you feel like you’re 100% back now?

I don’t know when people say am I back? I don’t know if I was any different. You are who you are. I haven’t played the game in a while. You’ve got to get comfortable playing the game, but that’s really all it was; just a matter of time feeling comfortable in the system and in the game. Hopefully I’m headed in the right direction, that’s the biggest thing.

What happened on your sack play?

Just so many things with motions and different things like that. There is a menu of things that you can do, so that was one of them. It started in one thing and went to another and you saw me blitz.

On your first interception it looked like QB Geno Smith had a lock on TE Jeff Cumberland, do you do the same?

It was more so, I give a lot of credit to Aaron Williams on that. We talked about the play beforehand. He kind of alerted me to it and it was something that I was kind of just right there for. I give a lot of credit to Aaron Williams. It did a great job of communicating back there to me.

Do you think about your status with the team while you’re playing?

Honestly, I’m over that. Like I said, I am who I am. You can’t change it now. We’ve got to win. I’ve been here for four years; I want to win games here. I just thank God that we got a win today, that’s the biggest thing.

How would you explain having multiple games with more than one interception?

I just think, it’s hard to explain. It’s just a feel. You just go out there, you study, you prepare. Coaches do a great job of getting us in position to make plays and you just go out there and make plays. That’s really what it is, just getting a feel back for the game.

When did you get a feel in the huddle that you had the Jets right where you wanted them?

I think it was early in the game. We kind of got the a couple three and outs and stuff like that. I think we knew right then that we were in the right direction getting some pressures on them, getting them uncomfortable back there; and then once the offense started taking off it was just, we just meshed really well. We still have things to clean up though on defense. We’ve got to be better closers and finish out better but for the most part obviously it’s great to get a win like that but we just have to work on some things to.

When you chase the starting quarterback how does that sit with the defense?

It sits great, anytime you can do that that means we’re being relentless out there. Coach always talks about what it means to be a Bill, that’s part of it. I think we went out there and we showed that.

Was there something in the second quarter that you saw Geno Smith was doing different as he didn’t complete a pass?

No. I think it was all the above like you mentioned. The wind was a factor in this game, obviously. It was good coverage. The guys outside played really good.  Stephon (Gilmore) and Leodis (McKelvin) had a really good game covering their guys so hats off to them they played really well. It was all of the above a little bit.

Are you having fun right now with the interceptions, you’re rushing, dropping back, and making plays?

Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun. Anytime I can play this game, especially with these guys. Kyle (Williams), guys like that who have been here. There’s a lot of new faces but I’ve kind of gotten comfortable and a feel for everyone in the locker room. These are just great guys in here and anytime you can go out there, and a lot of people use that saying of family but it really is. You can go out there and just play with your brothers out there and just have fun, it’s nothing like it.

What did you see on the second interception?

It was just a coverage and I kind of went that way and really just sat. I don’t know how it really looked but I just kind of, the coverage took me that way a little bit and I kind of saw he was sitting there and it just came right to me.