Jeff Tuel: "It's 100 percent on me"

Posted Nov 3, 2013

The Bills quarterback talks about the 23-13 loss to the Chiefs.


Q: Can you walk us through the interception in the end zone that they (Kansas City) brought back for a touchdown?

A: It was zero coverage all out. 100% my fault, something I’ve got to see. I can’t do that. We’ve got to finish with a kick no matter what, whether it’s an extra point or a touchdown or field goal. So it’s 100% on me.

Q: How frustrating was it that, that play was a big momentum swing when it was a 10-10 game?

A: It’s very frustrating, especially to come out in the second half. First big play was C.J. (Spiller), put a drive together, get right down there and then literally a complete other direction. Like you said it’s just a huge momentum shift. Just something that I could’ve prevented from happening.

Q: How do you judge your performance?

A: I’m not going to give it a letter grade or anything here. I have to watch the film and stuff. I felt comfortable, I felt good out there, felt like I made some good plays and like you said some not good ones so I’ll have to watch the tape.

Q: Did they change much schematically on third down in the second half, as you guys did not convert like you were in the first half?

A: No, not really, maybe just a couple of little things. Nothing really that should have prevented us from going 0-7.

Q: Can you talk about the support you got from the ground game today with Fred (Jackson) and C.J. (Spiller)?

A: I just joking with him (Spiller) and just saying it’s good to have old C.J. back and stuff. Him, Fred, and (Tashard) Choice are just workhorses. We just feed them and good things are going to happen.

Q: Can you talk about the throw to WR Marquise Goodwin for the touchdown?

A: It was huge. Just good to honestly get up on them. I felt good. Like I said, the biggest thing was just go take the lead.

Q: When you let the ball go did it feel good right away?

A: When I threw it he wasn’t looking yet and I was just saying just look. I just wanted him to make sure he just looked up and found it. That was my only concern because I felt like it was a good throw.

Q: It looked like a couple other deep throws may have been under thrown. Is that something to take a look at on film and did you feel that too?

A: Yeah I did. A couple throws I did a poor job of putting it out there for our speed guys. We’ve got some guys that can run. If I’m going to do anything I need to overthrow them, I think I only did that one time today but just missed a couple short like you said.

Q: Was the deep ball part of the game plan or was that just the way it worked out?

A: That was something that we wanted to do. We had planned on doing, was taking shots outside on their corners.

Q: Ultimately it has to feel like you guys just left a lot on the table.

A: Absolutely.

Q: When did you find out that you were starting and what were your emotions heading into the game?

A: It’s tough with the situation we had because you never really know what the coaches are going to say. I kind of had a feeling that I was going to go just as far as talking to Thad (Lewis) and seeing how he’s doing physically and stuff. I don’t know the exact day.