Manuel weighing options on knee injury

Posted Dec 31, 2013

Bills QB EJ Manuel said he does have surgery as an option for his most recent knee injury.

It is not an injury that requires surgery, but it is an option for the knee injury that EJ Manuel sustained in Week 15 at Jacksonville two weeks ago.

A day after Buffalo’s 2013 season ended, the rookie quarterback revealed that team doctors informed him that surgery is a path he can choose concerning the LCL injury he suffered against the Jaguars Dec. 15th.

“When you have the injuries I’ve had there are always surgical things you can do to repair it and there are also ways if you just get rest and certain things like that it might repair itself,” said Manuel. “So I just have to make that decision.”

Head coach Doug Marrone gave indication that the decision making process had yet to reach a conclusion.

“We’re just going through the process with the doctors. We haven’t had the full medical reports yet,” said Marrone. “You look at all the different options of what you can do in terms of preventative measures as you look forward.”

Manuel indicated that if he does opt for surgery that the rehab process afterwards would not be lengthy or put him at risk of missing any of the team’s offseason conditioning or practices.

“Even if it is surgery it won’t be a long procedure or rehab, no,” he said.

If he decides on surgery it would be performed on his left knee, which was the one most recently injured. Manuel said the LCL injury he sustained in Week 5 against Cleveland is fully healed now.

Head coach Doug Marrone said last week that the team already has a training program in place for Manuel this offseason to strengthen the muscles around the lateral collateral ligaments in the quarterback’s knees to reduce the risk of having a recurring problem with his LCLs.

“Just physical therapy, just strengthening things up and the things I was doing the past two weeks when I wasn’t playing, (I’ll be doing) the same things and just sticking with it,” Manuel said. “When I had the right LCL it was the same thing, now that one feels fine. Now I have it on the left again and I have to go through the same process as far as getting the strength back up.”

Manuel believes if the team had a playoff game this coming weekend that he would be healthy enough to be in the lineup.

“I think it’ll probably take another week or two and I’ll be fine,” he said. “If we had another game this week I’d definitely be playing, but that’s where I’m at right now.”