McCoy proclaims commitment to team and Bills fans

Posted Feb 2, 2018

LeSean McCoy wrote an open letter to Bills fans, praising their loyalty and support. He also made a promise to them heading into preparations for the 2018 campaign.

It didn’t have to be said or written. His effort on the field often speaks for him. Six-time Pro Bowl RB LeSean McCoy has always given his best between the lines, even when he’s not 100 percent. The latest evidence of that came in Buffalo’s first playoff game in 17 years, when on a bum ankle, McCoy managed 119 total yards from scrimmage against the league’s second-ranked defense.

But in an open letter to Bills fans on ‘The Players Tribune,’ McCoy not only praised the Bills fans for their loyalty and support in good times and bad. He didn’t just label them the most dedicated fans he’s seen.

McCoy also made a promise to Bills fans going forward into the 2018 campaign.

When next season begins, I’ll be 30 years old. And you know what some people say about 30-year-old running backs….

That 30 is when they start to decline.

That it’s the beginning of the end.

Well … not for me.

This 30-year-old is still gonna be one bad boy. I guarantee you that. I’m trying to leave a legacy, man. I’m trying to get a gold jacket someday. That’s my mindset.

But on top of that, there’s one goal we all share.

Which is why I have a promise to make:

To you, the Bills Mafia.

From me, LeSean McCoy.

I promise that I will give you everything I have to help us reach our ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl. Because making the playoffs isn’t the goal anymore. It’s the expectation. And I know that when we come back next season, for us to achieve our goal, you guys are gonna need me at my absolute best.

So I will be.

Then McCoy made one ask of Bills fans for this fall too.

And in return, I’m gonna need something from you. I’ll need you to be at your absolute craziest.

I know you will be, too.