Offseason addition Corey White recommended by Rob Ryan

Posted Jun 22, 2016

Cornerbacks with length are very popular in this passing era of NFL football and Corey White appears to fit the bill at 6-1, 210. But don't tell him size is all he has.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That’s not the case in Buffalo. The Bills management brought in Rob Ryan, brother of current head coach Rex, and Rob has been on the recruitment trail himself. Cornerback Corey White, who played with Rob in New Orleans from 2012-14, is one of the pieces that the defensive-minded coach snagged this offseason.

White is a five-year pro and had some valuable playing time under Rob Ryan when he was defensive coordinator of the Saints. During those three years, he started 19 games and amassed four interceptions. The experience only adds to the Bills’ defensive backfield. White’s role, however, is still to be determined.

“I can play pretty much any position: secondary, nickel, corner, free safety, strong safety, dom,” he said in the final day of mandatory minicamp. “That’s what we did with me in New Orleans when I was with Rob, so that’s what I’m here for. Just be that guy that can help out in any position.”

That versatility may only be enhanced in a Ryan defense that relies on deception. The multi-dimensional defensive back is a growing trend in the NFL. The hybrid player has expanding benefits in stopping the run and pass game.

White is one of the two DBs Rob Ryan recruited to Buffalo with fellow cornerback Sterling Moore being the other.

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“Well I recommended both players,” Rob said. “I think Corey White is going to be a guy that really can do some good things here. I love his toughness and both those kids are two fiery guys that are going to compete. So they’re going to fight like crazy for roles and I think both will do well.”

Fellow cornerbacks, Stephon Gilmore, Ronald Darby and Nickell Robey, have been in entrenched roles for Buffalo, but Gilmore and Robey have no more experience than White. Though White’s NFL experience might be seen as an advantage he instead chooses to help others around him with that knowledge.

“(My experience) has a lot of advantages, especially with all the plays I had, starts I have,” White said. “It’s an advantage, definitely. But I’m not here counting numbers. I’m here to help these young guys out, get them coming along. We got to win our division and try to do something this year.”

White’s stature at 6-foot-1 and 210 pounds prevents wide receivers from getting a clean release off him at the line because he’s so long. Press coverage is prominent in Rex’s scheme, but White doesn’t attribute his size as the sole factor in his game.

“It doesn’t matter about the size,” White said. “Speed, you’ve got to have it (and) heart. Do you know what I mean?... And that’s what I bring to the table. I bring passion, energy and experience.”

It’s the uncoachables: speed, passion and experience. In the last year, White hit a few bumps in the road as he played for two different teams, Arizona and Dallas, and only started one game. Now back with Rob Ryan and in different circumstances, White looks to regain the playing time he once had.

He believes his resurgence will come, and he bases that belief on the effort he applies daily.

“It’s different here from when I was in New Orleans,” White added. “Rob’s a good coach; he’s player friendly. He’s going to keep it real with you. The same with Rex. As long as you go out there and do what you got to do, they’re going to find somewhere for you to play.”