One Heart. Beat Louder.

Posted Apr 25, 2018

Discover what inspired the Bills 2018 Marketing Campaign, "One Heart. Beat Louder."

We heard you, Bills fans.

We heard the cheers, the applause, the “Shout”-ing… last New Year’s Eve when we clinched a playoff spot for the first time in 17 years. We heard you at the airport when the team plane landed that night and we heard you every Sunday the 16 weeks prior. You were so loud last season, we felt it.

But that was just the beginning. This is a process.

It started with one… one team with one focus. We showed the world what Bills fans knew all along… that this team, these players, these coaches, this community… we’re all in this together. We make each other better. No, we make each other great!

Coach McDermott believes that five core values make a team great…

Hard Work





It takes HEART. And if there is one thing this team and this fanbase has, it’s heart! We see it in the locker room. We see it on the practice field. We see it on the field on game day. We see it in the stands. We see it in the community throughout the year. We see it. We feel it. We hear it.

And this year, we’re asking each and every one of you to take that intensity you brought last year… take that passion and grit… and amplify it. Be louder and more intense than you ever have before! Because this year, our hard work, energy, accountability, respect and team work will not be rivaled!

One Heart. Beat Louder.