Patrick Kane predicts the 2014 Bills schedule

Posted Apr 13, 2014

Buffalo native and Stanley Cup champion Patrick Kane predicts the Bills 2014 schedule.


Although his day job keeps him away from Buffalo for most of the year, his hometown Bills are never far from Patrick Kane's mind. Kane, a Stanley Cup champion and forward for the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks, caught up with to make his predictions on the Bills 2014 schedule during the Bills Schedule Challenge.

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Can you predict the order of the games? If so, you could win FREE season tickets FOR LIFE! What do you think would be the hardest three-game stretch of the schedule you predicted? The easiest?
Patrick Kane: The hardest part of the schedule I laid out would be Weeks 11, 12 and 13 - playing the Vikings at home and then the Patriots and Bears on the road. I think the easiest would be Weeks 15, 16, and 17 against the Texans, Dolphins and the Jets.

BB: Which of the games would you like to see as primetime games?
PK: I’d love to see them play the Patriots (in primetime). Either game at home or on the road.

BB: How does the order of the games impact how well you think the team will do this season?
PK: I gave them a little bit of a tougher start, then some teams on the road that I think they can beat. Then in the middle they play some tough teams at home, so hopefully the home crowd can help win some games in the middle stretch. Then down the stretch I’m hoping to see some easier games to help get them in the playoffs.

BB: What would your reaction be if the Bills were picked for a Thanksgiving Day game? How about Monday night football?
PK: I’ve heard rumors on both, that they might play Green Bay on a Monday night and maybe play somewhere on Thanksgiving. So I put Green Bay at home on a Monday night game and I put the Bears what I hope is around Thanksgiving. That’d be awesome if they could play in Chicago on Thanksgiving.

BB: Which games did you struggle the most to predict?
PK: The biggest challenge for me was how to start off the season.

BB: Which game are you most likely to attend? Why?
PK: Hopefully when they’re in Chicago we’ll be here during that time otherwise it’s tough to get to games because we are in-season too.