Stevie Johnson: "My frustration level is a 10"

Posted Nov 10, 2013

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson gives John Murphy an update on his injury and talks about the problems they had on offense against the Steelers in the 23-10 loss.

WR Stevie Johnson

Re: Today’s performance and level of frustration:

I’m just frustrated. I’m not discouraged by anybody on the team. It is a loss. It’s very frustrating.

My frustration level is a 10. When you’re losing games nobody should be happy.

Were the struggles on offense related to different QB’s over different weeks?

It doesn’t matter who is at the helm. We have got to be able to come together as a team. It’s not on one person or a couple players. This is a team game. We need to figure it out.

Re: Offensive struggles:

They (Steelers) moved the ball in certain situations. We moved the ball but not enough. This is a step back because we got the loss. We are another week behind.