Stevie Johnson: "the Bills have to get the win"

Posted Nov 25, 2013

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson talked to the media about how much work he was able to put in at practice Monday morning and the Bills chances of making a late-season push.

WR Stevie Johnson

Monday November 25, 2013

Q: Coach Marrone said you were limited, but maybe able to do a little bit more than limited today. Is that accurate?
A: Yeah it was just a limited day. Happy to be out there, happy to go through the routes and be in the huddle and all that. It was cool and I made it through.

Q: Do you find yourself testing the groin a little bit?

A: Yeah because kind of thinking ahead a little bit when it comes to this injury. We’ve got five more game in the regular season, so I came out there and went a little bit harder than I was supposed to, but I was cool coming out. I’m cool with it.

Q: How much did you take not of the field coming back a little bit in the playoff race?
A: We’ve got to do our part. They can do whatever other teams do; they can do whatever they want to. At the end of the day, the Bills have to get the win and that’s it. Not worry about anything else.

Q: Coach Marrone mentioned that you guys had a long conversation about some of the frustrations you have had this season. Can you talk about that?
A: Yeah, just talking to him. Just telling him it was frustrating because our team is really good. Looking around the locker room with the names we’ve got. Being at practice with these guys, there is talent here. Getting these losses that we have, that’s where the frustration was coming in at. That’s pretty much where our conversation was.