Thad Lewis: "It's something to use for motivation"

Posted Dec 29, 2013

Bills quarterback Thad Lewis talked about the tough loss to end the season in New England and what he's going to take from it moving forward.



December 29, 2013

Q: You got some intermediate to long throws in there early. Was that something that you felt you could go to despite the weather today? Did you feel good about that?

TL: It was just a part of the game plan and we stuck to it no matter what the weather was and we felt like we played last week in the rain a little bit and [felt like] we could catch in the rain, so it was some of the calls that [Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett] dialed up and we made the best of them.

Q: You got a field goal drive on the opening drive then things kind of sputtered from there. What changed? Was it something they were doing defensively? What happened there?

TL: We tried to get the running game going a little bit and sometimes we didn't quite convert on third down and that was the big difference. We converted on third down on that first field goal drive and that’s one thing that we kind of got corrected in the second half.

Q: In the second half your run game got some traction. Maybe just talk about being able to climb back into it a couple times there on a couple of the touchdowns.

TL: [It was] just making adjustments at halftime and knowing what they were presenting and coming out and executing. We just challenged all the playmakers in this room [and said], ‘Hey, this game isn’t over. Let’s try [to] make plays,’ and guys went out and made plays.

Q: Your run game at the end of the day was pretty productive: 4.8 yards per carry; C.J. Spiller goes over 100; Fred Jackson with a heck-of-a five-yard run there. Maybe the collective effort of those two guys trying to keep things moving for you –

TL: Always when you have two great backs it kind of opens up everything for you and that’s how we got the passing game going a little bit in the second half, but you’ve got to take your hat off to those guys. They are tough, hardnosed players. There’s no quit in them and that’s all you can ask.

Q: What about Fred’s five-yard run? Making a jump-cut like that on a wet field.

TL: Yeah, it just shows his tenacity. That guy there is unbelievable. One of his favorite guys is The Incredible Hulk, so we kind of call him that. As you can see he broke a couple tackles and then made a strong run for the end zone. That’s what he does and you can't take [anything] away from him.

Q: How deflating was it though? You had two touchdown drives and were back in the game and they get these long returns both times after you score those touchdowns.

TL: It’s something you can’t control, so it's something you can't worry about. You just have to get ready for the next opportunity you can as an offense to get out there on the field and that’s all you can do.

Q: Can you talk about the touchdown to T.J. Graham, extending the play before making the throw?

TL: It was just getting out of the pocket and seeing the guys basically collectively come to me and I just pointed it to them like, ‘Hey, there is nobody behind you,’ and he saw it. It was just two guys making a play and sometimes that’s what you have to do out there.

Q: What did you feel about being able to cut the deficits and then not being able able to finish it off – especially on that last one where you had to settle for the field goal and only cut it to seven points at the time?

TL: Things like that are tough and it just shows you how close you are, but you’re not there yet. If we can get to being close and being able to convert and finish drives and finish games then I know our record would be a whole lot different than what it is now. Everything is a learning experience and this is something to build on and I’m pretty sure we will do that.

Q: Coach Doug Marrone said after the game that you guys are going to use this as a kind of ‘When you do all the right things and then lose it’s disappointing’ feeling. What are you going to take away from this game going into your next season?

TL: Just going into the offseason there are a lot of positives especially when I had the opportunity to play and seeing how close we were especially in the Cincinnati game when we lost in overtime. We beat the Dolphins twice in our division and we beat the Jets. We’re just close on a few things and a few plays – just don’t forget that in the back of your mind. Maybe when you're working out and trying to do that extra sprint or something and you’re tired just remember in the back of your mind you were close, but you didn't get over the hump. It's something to use for motivation.