Thad Lewis: "You always have to stay ready"

Posted Dec 24, 2013

Bills quarterback Thad Lewis has stepped in a few times this year when called upon this season, and talked to the media after practice Tuesday about being ready to go if he is called upon again this Sunday.

Quarterback Thad Lewis

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Q: Not knowing who is playing quarterback on Sunday yet, is that the life of a backup quarterback in the NFL?

A: No doubt about it. You always have to stay ready whatever decision they do make. Whatever decision coach makes you just got to support it and go with it.

Q: How has it been for you making your way through the season like this, having to be ready at all times?

A: It’s fun. When obviously you have a chance to play period, it’s fun no matter how it comes, no matter how they dial it up or how they want to do things. If you just stay ready then you shouldn’t worry about how your opportunity presents itself.

Q: How would you view the level of effectiveness you’ve exhibited at this point?

A: I think the guys are going to evaluate that but I think I did pretty good with the things that I’ve had and take advantage of my opportunities when they presented themselves. You never know the situation. Hopefully it can be a long term opportunity to be here to be a backup like that. You just try to worry about what’s important now. That’s just one more opportunity here just to go out and beat the Patriots.

Q: Are you happy with what you’ve been able to do with the opportunities you’ve been given here?

A: Definitely, definitely happy with some of the things I’ve been able to do. That’s what you want to do in this league. It’s all about timing and when you get your time you just want to make the best of it.

Q: It seems like the teammates in this locker room have been quick to have your back and didn’t take long for you to put a good impression on them.

A: The guys telling me, “We have your back” when we go out there just comes with being a pro. Just coming in here and doing whatever you can do to help the team. And when guys see that you’re going to go out there and fight and give everything you have, they’re going to be very supportive of you.