Top 5 from Facebook Live with QB Nathan Peterman

Posted May 17, 2017

Bills QB Nathan Peterman recently took part in a live chat on Buffalo's Facebook page. Find out what we learned.

Here’s some of what we learned about rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman from his recent live Q&A session with fans on the Buffalo Bills Facebook page: 

He’s not giving away his trick-shot secrets

Peterman did not disclose exactly how many takes it took him to hit all his targets in his viral trick shot video from his University at Pittsburgh days.

“It depends. It depends on how perfect you want it to be,” he said. “I usually don’t drop kick much, so that took a little bit of time, but we had fun with it like I said, and yeah, I just had a good time.” However, Peterman did want to set the record straight on the video’s big finish, when he jumped into the river on the Steel City’s waterfront:

“I got a lot of mixed reviews on that. Some people didn’t think it was too sanitary. But I’m alright. I’m still here, obviously, a year later. So yeah, it was fun.”

He wasn’t allowed to play quarterback when he first started playing football

Peterman began playing football in fourth grade, but instead of getting to play his preferred position of QB, he was assigned to play center and linebacker. Two years later, he thought about quitting football to concentrate on basketball, but the sixth grade coach gave him a chance to switch positions. His team won a city championship that year, and he’s been playing quarterback ever since.

He’s a proud husband

Nathan and his wife, Morgan, celebrated their first wedding anniversary the same weekend as the NFL Draft.

“It was a special weekend for our family,” he said. “We were on the beach with just my close family there. A lot of tears happened, just because it’s a lifelong dream come true. Still got a lot of work to do, but to celebrate that with the people that are closest to me was special.”

He’s never watched an episode of Seinfeld

Despite sharing a last name with the beloved Seinfeld character J. Peterman, the rookie QB has never seen the Emmy-award winning sitcom.

“Boy Meets World, King of Queens… those are my shows,” he explained.

He had a Drew Brees poster in his bedroom growing up

Peterman has looked up to the Saints quarterback since he was nine years old.

“He’s extremely accurate, strong arm, but mentally, you can just see how much he’s there. So that’s something that I kind of try to be like.” Peterman has yet to meet his childhood football idol, but he did see him play in a game against the Jaguars in his hometown of Jacksonville.

“I felt like I got 10% better just by watching him,” Peterman remembered.