What they're saying: Bills react to a close loss in Carolina

Posted Sep 17, 2017

WR Zay Jones, QB Tyrod Taylor, RB LeSean McCoy and HC Sean McDermott address the final play and more in Buffalo's 9-3 loss in Carolina.

Head Coach Sean McDermott

- Bills held their second straight opponent under 255 total yards – first time the Bills accomplished this feat in the first two games of the season since 2008.

- Bills recorded 6.0 sacks – their highest total since 7.0 sacks on November 24, 2014 vs. NY Jets.

RE: The team’s defensive performance

Those guys played hard. The whole team played hard. To have a chance to win the game at the end, that’s what you look for, an opportunity like that. We had a good opportunity, a good look at it, we just came up short. The guys played extremely hard. I’m proud of them.

RE: How Zay Jones felt about Buffalo’s final offensive play

These guys want to win and that’s the part I love about this locker room. These guys want to win. We all want to win and we came up short today, there’s no doubt about it. We’ve got to get better. I know Zay – he takes it on himself, he wants to make that play, we all do. There’s a lot of other opportunities too. So, that’s on me. We’ll come back, go to work this week and continue to get better.

RE: On the lack of offensive production

I’ll start off by giving their defense credit, they’ve got a talented bunch over there and we knew it would be tough sledding coming in here for their home opener. They did a good job. With that said, we’ve got to do a better job in some areas and we will. I thought we had some opportunities and we had some good looks at some things, so we’ve got to put some more plays back to back. We didn’t have good first down success early in the game and then we came out in the second half and had good first down success so staying on schedule that way was important for us. So we’ve just got to go back to work.

RE: The effectiveness of the pass rush

We felt good about our matchups up front and getting pressure on the quarterback, doing some things coverage-wise. I thought the pressure was there and that works together with the coverage so it was good complimentary football.

WR Zay Jones

- Two receptions for 18 yards

- All three of his career receptions have accounted for first downs

RE: Buffalo’s final play

I think everyone was a viable option. The ball just came my way and I did not make the play. I think it was a well thrown ball. It was the perfect play to beat the coverage. I just didn’t make the catch.

RE: His emotions following the game

It’s very tough, especially because of the guys in this locker room. I play my heart out for them, and absolutely love. It is just really difficult right now.

RE: Their final drive

It’s football. Sometimes it’s not your half, and then you come out and play well in the second half. Things opened up the most on the last drive and we just did not finish.

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

- Moved into seventh place on the team’s all-time passing yards list (passing Dennis Shaw). Now has 6,407 passing yards

- Rushed for a game-high 55 yards

- Moved into eighth place on the team’s all-time completions list (passing Trent Edwards). Now has 544 completions.

RE: Can you walk us through the last play?

They were playing a bunch of cover fours with the corners off, try to get Shady to hook up at the down a distance right in front of the corner and basically get a one-on-one throw with the safety. I was able to hold the safety. We just weren’t able to make the play. Other plays out there on the field that could have been made, but we did get a chance to make that one.

RE: On being among the first players to console Zay Jones

He is young player. A lot is being asked out of him. There are a lot of plays that are going to be made and a lot not going to be made and the main thing is to learn from it and continue to move forward. Don’t let that hinder him moving forward, just learn from it, brush it off. As a team we have his back. Like I said it didn’t boil down to that. Would that have helped, yes, but its other plays out there that I didn’t make, as a team we didn’t make. As a team we have to learn from it.

RE: After the defense stopped them at the goal line and held them to a field goal, headed back out with two-minutes, what was the message you delivered to the offense?

My main thing to the offense at that point was forget what happened up and to this point. We have a fresh start and we have the opportunity to go out here and win the game. We get those situations in practice a lot and we have to go out there and make plays; and we were able to drive the ball down the field. Like I said we just didn’t execute on the fourth-down play. 

RB LeSean McCoy

- Became the fourth active running back to post 3,000 career receiving yards joining Darren Sproles, Matt Forte and Frank Gore

- Became the 25th Bills player to reach 3,000 scrimmage yards. Now has 3,006 scrimmage yards with the Bills.

RE: Carolina’s defense

It was exactly what I expected, I am used to defenses stacking the box. I did not get going at all today. We were very slow in the first half, I put that on myself.

RE: His performance

I just did not play good. No excuses, I am out there, and I have to get the job done.

RE: Involved in passing game

I thought we threw the ball well, especially in the second half. I thought we made some plays, we came out hot. We had a pretty solid game plan. As players, we have to go out and execute.

RB Mike Tolbert

- Former Carolina Panthers running back

RE: On talking with wide receiver Zay Jones after the game

He is going to be a hell of a player in this league. Everybody is going to make mistakes during plays. Look at me during the Super Bowl. You’ve got to come back from it and respond. That is a play hehas made thousands of times and next time he will make it. We are not going to beat him up for it. We will not look down on him. We are going to hug him like he our brother and like he made the play. It’s not a big thing for us. You just pat him on the back. If you look at it, a lot of our teammates went down and picked him up and was ready to go. We know we are a good football team.

RE: On Zay Jones beating himself up afterwards

Absolutely. Then you have guys like me, like Eric [Wood], like Shady [McCoy], like Tyrod [Taylor] who are going to tell you the sun is still going to shine tomorrow.

RE: On the play of the offense

If you look at it, we played the best defense in the league. I’m not taking anything away from those guys. I know them well obviously. Obviously, we have to improve on offense. There are somethings we could have done better. We have to be better on first and second down. We can’t put ourselves in a hole on third down. We have to run the ball better. We’ve just got to play better football on offense. Our defense played amazing all day. We have to take them off the field and get them a break sometimes.  

S Micah Hyde

RE: How tough of a loss this was

Every loss is tough. It doesn’t matter if you lose by 30 points or by three points, a loss is a loss. We feel like we played pretty well on defense, but at the same time we had a couple of opportunities, myself included. We have to capitalize on tipped balls and create field position for our offense.

RE: Good things that Buffalo did

I can just remember stop on the goal line, not letting them get in the end zone. That was huge. We gave the ball back to our offense, and we were down just six. We kept it alive.

RE: Buffalo’s final play

We are a family. The older guys, who have been part of the NFL for a while, we know how it goes. Stuff like that happens. People are going to say we lost the game because of it, but that’s not true. We had plenty of other opportunities to score points, or cause turnovers. Zay Jones will be fine, everyone in this locker room will have his back.