What you need to know about the Bills being in the playoffs

Posted Dec 31, 2017

For the first time in 17 seasons the Bills have reached the postseason. Here are the brief particulars about Buffalo’s upcoming Wild Card playoff game.

What: Buffalo is the sixth and final playoff seed in the 2017 NFL playoffs

Who: The Bills will be facing the AFC South champion, the Jacksonville Jaguars

Where: Buffalo will play on the road at Jacksonville

When: The Bills and Jaguars will square off on Sunday at 1 pm.

Something in common: Both the Bills and Jaguars haven’t participated in playoff action. For Buffalo it’s their first playoff berth in 17 seasons. For Jacksonville it’s their first playoff appearance in 10 seasons.

Notes about the opponent:
Jacksonville has had one of the strongest defenses in the league this season. They came into Week 17 ranked third in total defense, first in pass defense, second in sacks and second in points allowed.

The Jaguars are also the number one rushing offense in football and rank sixth in total offense and fifth in points scored.

Their head coach is Doug Marrone, former head coach of the Bills (2014-2015).

Playoff history:
The Bills and Jaguars have only met once before in the playoffs. In 1996, Jacksonville came to Buffalo and beat the Bills in an upset 30-27 in the AFC Wild Card round.