C.J. Spiller: "If I can get to 85 to 90 (percent), I'm going to give it a go."

Posted Sep 30, 2013

The Bills running back talks about being frustrated over getting hurt against the Ravens, what he thinks about using a fullback, and if he thinks he'll be able to play against the Browns.

RB C.J. Spiller

Monday, September 30, 2013

Q: Is it up in the air right now for if you can play Thursday?
A: Yeah, I would say so. If I can get to at least 85 to 90 (percent), I’m going to give it a go.

Q: How was the decision made for you to go back in to the game yesterday? Did you hurt it some more?
A: No. I did play on it, but I wouldn’t…I mean I felt it a couple times when I was planting and of course I think I got tackled maybe one time. I mean this is the NFL and those guys are going to know that my ankle is not 100 percent, so they could have the mindset, they might try to go after it. It’s so many things that are going to factor in to how it responds in different situations. Like I said, the only thing I can do right now is just take it day by day and see how it feels come Thursday. Good thing it’s a night game, so we’re going to be able to get a lot of treatment in between now and Thursday. Pretty sure come Thursday I typically get to the stadium late, I’m going to get there early and go on the field and test it out. Do some planting and see how it feels, make a decision by then.

Q: Do you stick by your statement yesterday that it might be tough to do such a quick turn around?

A: The reason I said that is because it’s a short week. You’ve got Monday, Tuesday, travel Wednesday, Thursday. If it was a Sunday game I’d definitely say I’d be out there. I’m going to do everything I can to position myself to be out there. If I can get to at least 80, 85 (percent) I think that would be good enough for me to play.