C.J. Spiller: "Turnovers killed us"

Posted Sep 8, 2013

Bills running back C.J. Spiller talked to the media about the ups and downs of the Bills offense in the 23-21 loss to the Patriots.


Q: Again, same team, seems like the same result. What’s your level of disappointment when it looked like you had them until the last second?

A: It’s (we’re) not the same team, we just lost the game. We have a lot of new faces on this team. We had a chance to win it, but turnovers killed us. I can’t put the ball on the ground because if I do I minimize our chance of sustaining drives. I just have to clean that up and that’s stuff I can control.

Q: What exactly happened on that fumble? Were you just holding it a little too loose?

A: That’s what they said I guess. I went to make my cut and it just came away from me, so I’ll just have to look at it either tonight or tomorrow to see exactly what happened.

Q: That happened so early but with such a small margin, a play like that means something even though it didn’t happen late in the game.

A: Yeah it did because they got seven points off of that. And if you take that away, we have a chance to win the game. We faced adversity early but we still had a chance to win and that’s the encouraging part. But at the end of the day I can’t put the ball on the ground.

Q: Did you feel 100-percent going into that game?

A: Yeah I was fine.

Q: In the fourth quarter with about four minutes to go, there was a first down play from your own 20. They seemed like they had the box pretty well stacked. Can you talk about that play and how you didn’t get much out of it? It was a three-and-out series and you had to kick it away.

A: We knew they were going to try to come in and stop the run. And that’s pretty much how a lot of teams are going to try to play us this year. And they did a good job. They have some great linemen.

Q: That’s a case there though with that three-and-out, where you have to put that game away.

A: Yeah you do. And we have a four-minute package. We just have to put it away and today we didn’t.

Q: Is it just a numbers game with them stopping the run? Or was it something else schematically that they were doing?

A: We have two great running backs and with Tashard (Choice) (and Fred Jackson). I’m pretty sure they’re going to try to come in and stop the run. I’d be surprised if any team didn’t do that and we know that going into the game. We just have to try to find ways to counter them.