C.J. Spiller status for Sunday a wait and see

Posted Oct 30, 2013

C.J. Spiller did not play last week to rest his high ankle sprain, but is one Sunday off enough for Spiller to be back to his old self?

C.J. Spiller was held out of last Sunday’s game after trying to play through his high-ankle sprain the previous three games. The injury was not allowing the running back to be the dynamic player that he normally is. Head coach Doug Marrone is now in ‘wait and see’ mode on the availability of Spiller for Sunday’s game against Kansas City.

“I’m probably going to still go day to day and then take a peek (Thursday),” said Marrone. “I’m not ready to really stand on the table one way or the other.”

The past three weeks Spiller has not practiced on Wednesday in an effort to give the ankle an extra day of rest. This week however, Spiller participated on a limited basis Wednesday. The increased workload on Wednesday did not hold much meaning as Spiller saw it.

“There’s definitely no reading between the lines saying, 'He’s back,' because I’m definitely not back to normal,” he said.

Marrone revealed Monday that Spiller has been dealing with a high-ankle sprain, which in some cases can take four to six weeks to properly heal. So will one Sunday off have Spiller back to his old self?

“It is a four to six week injury and it was only just that one week (I rested),” said Spiller. “And that’s four to six weeks if you’re not playing. I’ve been playing on it for four weeks. Having Sunday off just gave it more rest time and gave me more days to let it heal properly and hopefully quicker. Who knows how it’s going to feel?”

Spiller said he will huddle up with the athletic trainers and coach Marrone to make a call on his ankle later in the week.

“That’s something we’ll discuss and keep on top of day to day,” he said. “It could take just that one game or it could take another game. It’s all about how I feel and how it reacts. I definitely can’t go back out there until I’m back to my normal self and doing what I’m accustomed to doing and what my teammates are accustomed to seeing me doing on Sundays.”