Da'Norris Searcy: "I just seized the moment"

Posted Sep 8, 2013

Bills safety Da'Norris Searcy talked about his 74 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown and the secondary's play without Jairus Byrd following the 23-21 loss to the Patriots.


Q: How exciting was your first NFL touchdown? That has to be a great feeling.

A: Yeah it was. That’s why I jumped into the stands. That’s something I always wanted to try so once I got in there I just jumped in.

Q: You set the tone right away from the very first play of the game with a big hit on special teams, and then a sack on Brady on a third down. Just describe that play.

A: The coaches just made a great call putting me in a position where I had an opportunity to make a play and I just seized the moment.

Q: On the touchdown, how far away did that goal line seem to you?

A: It seemed like forever. It felt like the farther I ran the farther back it was moving away from me. That’s why I started looking around to see if somebody was behind me. I just put my head down and kept running.

Q: How hard were the final 20 yards?

A: I was about to stop and start walking, but I didn’t want anyone to jump on my back or try to strip the ball from me.

Q: To step in for Jairus, a Pro Bowl player, just talk a little bit about the challenge not just for yourself but for the whole secondary.

A: We knew we had a tough task ahead of us. We knew we had to go out there and trust each other and make sure we communicate right away. We felt like we made plays but we still left a few out there. Our goal now is to go watch the film and learn from it and keep getting better. It’s really early, just week one and we know we have a long season ahead of us and we know we can get this thing turned around.

Q: The results against this team in particular, how frustrating is it?

A: It’s very frustrating because we always play them close and we just want to finally get over that hump and like Coach was telling us, it’s just the little things. We just need to make sure we correct the little things and we’ll be where we want to be.