Dan Carpenter on game-winning FG: "It's got extra meaning"

Posted Oct 20, 2013

Bills kicker Dan Carpenter talks about the kick that gave the Bills the 23-21 win against the Dolphins and how it felt beating his old team.

Buffalo Bills K Dan Carpenter
(On his thought process for kicking today) – “I know the Dolphins like to bring on field goal blocks, so I was trying to make sure everything time-wise was consistent with what we’ve always done; we’re pretty quick in Buffalo.”

(On his first kick at kick-off) – “I put our team in a really tough spot and I’m glad the defense was able to come through and pick me up.”

(On whether or not this game had extra meaning being the Dolphins) – “It’s got extra meaning since it’s a division game; the importance is winning the division games. There was nothing special about it, and I have no hard feelings about what happened with the Dolphins; I’m glad to be in Buffalo right now and doing anything I can to help this team win.

(On whether or not the sense of familiarity with the stadium helped him on the last field goal) – “There’s no day that is the same in South Florida, and I cannot control the snap or the hold, all I can control is kicking the ball through the uprights.”

(On how the weather affected his play) – “The wind was not easy; it seemed like it started in one direction and ended in another.  Everyone thinks that playing in Miami is great and easy all of the time, but the wind does blow here and it gets tricky.”