Doug Marrone: "Keep fighting. It’s going to turn"

Posted Oct 13, 2013

Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone addressed the media after the team's 27-24 overtime loss to the Bengals.


Opening Statement:

Injury wise, (Jonathan) Meeks had a knee in the first half and Manny (Lawson) had a hamstring. Then obviously Stevie (Johnson) wasn’t able to go. We worked him out before the game and he was just not in good shape. He’s fighting to get back with his lower back. I thought we had some players that came in, Brian Moorman did a nice job, Marquise Goodwin did a good job, Stephon Gilmore was out there battling. I thought Thad (Lewis) did a good job out there. Early on we had some struggles, they made some big plays on us, we weren’t able to get anything going offensively outside of T.J. (Graham)’s catch early on. We had it down at the one-yard line and we weren’t able to punch it in, they turn around and go 99 and score. A lot of things were going in a tough direction, but the players came back, they stood in there and they fought. We got it back and had an opportunity to win the game, we weren’t able to do that and really all three phases can contribute as well as the coaches. We’re going to go in there and just keep working and keep fighting. It’s going to turn. That’s all we can keep doing.

Q: It looked like Thad Lewis has a boot on his foot, are you aware of any injury there?

A:  Scott?

(Scott Berchtold): They’re telling me he’s going to an x-ray.

A: Ok. I didn’t know that until now.

Q: Defensively you got some stops in the fourth quarter, but before that you were struggling. What were they doing?

A: They got us on the screens and that’s just a manner of good call by them, a defense that we were playing something different then, defending over things and they caught us. That’s the bottom-line on that one.

Q: Did Thad play about as well as you had hoped?

A: He threw the one to T.J.; we missed a couple that he put on there. We’ve got to do a better job of, we could have took advantage of some of the weak side passing game earlier. We dropped some balls. Overall, I was happy except for the turnover. I thought he was trying to do too much; he just has to put the ball away and not turn the ball over. That would be the one thing I was disappointed in.

Q: Do you know what play he got hurt on?

A: I have no idea. I really don’t. I apologize, I try to get the team done and come back here. He gives me the injuries and I just move on. Not a scheme or anything.

Q: Looked like you got beat on a punt return again at the end. Is it disappointing that the game really turned on that play?

A: You know what happens in that, to say was that a great play by us, obviously it wasn’t. The game turned a lot of different ways. I look at a couple different plays here and there. A couple plays on the top of my mind. Us going in to score, them turning around and scoring, going 99. Then we in turn get a turnover inside our 50 and we wind up not getting any points. I think those are critical. To answer your question those are all critical parts of it. To really point to one, that game could have been either over on our end early on if we make those plays early on or at the end of the day we have to find a way to cover and make that play.

Q: How much did the cast on Stephon Gilmore limit him today?

A: I give him a lot of credit. I really do. I think it’s a very tough situation. Here is a guy that wants to come back, wants to get out there. Obviously he’s not as comfortable as he wants to be. Again it goes back to that, the player can’t, he doesn’t want to be on that sideline, he wants to be out there on the field and I think we all have to appreciate that. That’s what makes him special.

Q: Overall offensively you put points on a team that shut down New England. Would you agree you did well?

A: It’s hard to stand up here and try to talk about a positive because at the end of the game you win and that’s what you want to do you want to be able to win. To say that we did some things well managing the third down. I would say yes, we did some things that are encouraging, but at the same time we didn’t do enough things to win the game. There are some encouraging signs there.

Q: You get the big play to Scott Chandler and then run up to the line no huddle and go deep to Goodwin. Did you catch them off guard?

A: No, I don’t think we did. I think they were ready for it. I think what happened was they came back and we had really good protection, Chandler did a nice job of getting open, Thad found him. Then on the next play when we went they went cover one and when they went cover one we thought we had a good matchup with Marquise, that’s how that went. As soon as we saw they went cover one we were hoping that he would throw it to him and he did for the touchdown.

Q: Was there any hesitation going for it on fourth down?

A: At the end?

Q: No when you got stopped on the goal line.

A: No there wasn’t any. That’s the thing you guys can look up, I'm not going to get in to all the details about percentages, but percentages you play that at the time in the game. I’d like to score.

Q: There were 22 players that were about two inches from each other, would spreading that out make it easier?

A: Last week there were 22 players and we were two for two.

Q: What did Brian Moorman give you today?

A: Moorman played very well. I was excited. He did a great job today, he really did. For someone to come in, compete like that, come in here and play.

Q: What did you think of Jairus Byrd in his first action?

A: Excited. I think he’ll just be better and better each week. I was glad to see him out there. He was playing hard and having fun and trying to make plays out there, which he did at times. Which we need.