Doug Marrone: "When you play well as a team you have a chance to win"

Posted Oct 20, 2013

Bills head coach Doug Marrone talks to the media after the team's 23-21 win in Miami

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone
(Opening remarks) – “Give credit to both teams. Both teams went out there and they were fighting. So again, it was one of those things were there was a lot of adversity in the game. There were things that we could have done better. Offensively, Miami did a good job against us on early downs. We were able to make some plays. I thought that defensively we had a lot of good series. We turned the ball over and our defense stopped them. They missed a field goal; that was big. But really, the only two drives of the game for us defensively was the one right before the half and then their first drive coming out. And the second half, I thought defensively they played well. Mario (Williams) played well. We got some hits and got after them a little bit from a defensive standpoint. At the end of the day we found a way to win on the road. Guys have been toughing it out. The only injury really reported was Manny (Lawson). He has the hamstring. Those other guys were shuttling in and shuttling out and, you know, limping around a little bit. I give credit to the players and the coaches; they did a wonderful job staying in there.”

(On being able to build off the win) – “I think it was important. We stressed that all the time. A lot of times during the week we talk to the players, or I spoke to the players, about not thinking about consequences. And let’s go out there and play each play. Usually when you start thinking about consequences, things become negative. For some people, we’re trying to correct that. And for our players, we went out there and just played each play and believed in each other. And that’s what happened today. There were times when we go on offense and you don’t get a first down before the end of the half, you give them the ball, they go 75 yards and score. You can look back at it and place blame, but the one thing great about this game is when you play well as a team you have a chance to win. We were able to pick each other up at times today but we’re still not where we need to be consistently.”

(On the Dolphins calling a pass play with the lead late in the fourth quarter) – “I don’t know. I can’t answer that for them. I was just happy that we were able to get the turnover; whether it be them throwing it or running it. But that’s probably a better question for them. I really can’t answer that question.”

(On the play of CB Nickell Robey) – “He’s been really close. He’s been getting closer and closer. I’m out there while you guys are saying great play and I’m saying ‘Shoot. It’s about time.’ Because he’s really close. He has very good instincts. There was another play in the game he was close too (to getting an interception) … You’re talking about a guy who was a free agent and earned his way on the team and earned a spot as our nickel and has played well for us.”

(On QB Thad Lewis’ return to South Florida and being overly excited) – “Yeah, I kept telling him to calm down and relax. We’re in his hometown … you know, he was all fired up. He looked a little more fired up then he was last week. So immediately, my antennas go up and I say ‘Hey, just because you came home doesn’t mean you got to go off the deep end on me.’ He said ‘No coach, I’m fine. I’m calmed down.”

(On QB Thad Lewis’ perseverance throughout the game) – “That’s the one thing about the kid. When you look at him being out there on that field, it’s perseverance throughout his background. We struggled on early downs today, we really did. They did a nice job. We couldn’t really execute. When you go back and you look at the sheet and see first and second down, we really struggled. We made some big third downs. The screens early on helped us. As we progressed through the game we made some plays. We really weren’t in sync like we should be.”

(On the play and injury to RB Fred Jackson) – “I was scared on the sideline. I saw the (injury) happen. He went down in a quick movement. At first, I was concerned. But they took him in and checked him out. And then the next thing I know he’s out there. And I think that’s the way Fred’s been playing. A lot of times people talk about age and years. But Fred, shoot, he’s as strong and tough as any rookie we have.”

(On earning a division win) – “I got asked the question a lot during the week, about the wins in the division. We’re just really concentrating on ourselves and working to just find ways to win and get better as a team. And try to get ourselves on a little but of a roll.”

(On the poor kickoff late in the fourth quarter after taking the lead) – “Dan (Carpenter) had played really well for us and I think that was a miss hit. He was really driving the ball well and doing a good job. That wasn’t our intentions. … I probably lost a couple of years of my life out there on that play.”

(On Dan Carpenter’s return to Miami) – “Dan coming back here … I think Dan is well respected. He had a great career here. I don’t think anyone needs any extra motivation in this league to come back and kind of say ‘Hey, I told you so.’ Dan’s a professional. He went out there and played extremely well except for that last kick, really. He did well. He made the field goal. He’s happy. But I guarantee this, knowing Dan, he’s a whole lot happier that our team won then he is anything else.”

(On the potential of Dan Carpenter being too tight for this game) – “I think for maybe with a young kicker that could be (an issue) but not with a guy like him … he’s fine. Nothing’s really going to rattle him too much.”

(On if he expected the Dolphins to run more in the game) – “We discussed that. We really did. And it was close. When you say that here was a team that won three games early on, beat three pretty good football teams and played well with the way they were playing. And then there was a lot of talk about the running game for them and how to establish that. We thought they might come in and try to run the ball a little bit. But they’ve been successful. So it’s kind of hard, on not jut Miami, on any team that comes off a bye … when they’re even or maybe their record is not as even. If you’re undefeated you’re pretty much not going to change what you’ve been doing. They may tweak some things here and there. We had to go in there with a solid game plan knowing that we would have to adjust to anything.”

(On the interceptions coming in bunches) – “I look at turnovers as a whole for us. I think that that’s the one battle. And you guys know it. You see it every week in this league. As long as you’re winning that turnover battle, you have a chance. If you’re not winning that turnover battle, you better be really good at all the other phases. And that’s one of the things … you know when people look at us, and we’ve been in close games and we’ve had opportunities to win, the one thing that’s kept us in has been that turnover margin.”