ECMC statement on Jim Kelly surgery

Posted Jun 7, 2013

ECMC released a statement in Regards to Jim Kelly's surgery:

“At Mr. Kelly’s request, we thank everyone for their concern and well wishes for him and his family. Today, Mr. Kelly underwent a partial maxillectomy to remove a squamous cell carcinoma of the upper gingival caused be chronic irritation at the gum site. He underwent reconstruction with a dental obturator. The surgery went very well. We are hopeful for and anticipate a speedy recovery and successful outcome. Mr. Kelly is recovering comfortably at this time. He is in the capable care of the great nurses and staff here at ECMC. He will remain here at the hospital until he feels comfortable to go home.”

Thom R. Loree, MD, Clinical Director, Head and Neck Surgery Department
Maureen Sullivan, DDS
Mark S. Burke, MD