EJ Manuel: "I think we'll do well"

Posted Oct 1, 2013

The Bills quarterback talks about the short turnaround, facing the Browns defense, and preparing for another start on the road.

QB EJ Manuel

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Q: EJ, second road game, did that first road game bother you?
A: No it didn’t, didn’t really register as far as road game or home game, that didn’t matter to me. I’ve played in road games before and it’s not a huge difference.

Q: First time going Sunday-Thursday, what has it been like?

A: We haven’t gotten to Thursday yet, but I think my body feels good, everybody else on the team, my teams’ bodies are feeling great. We moved around great today, Coach is allowing us to get rest and things like that. We’re fresh not just mentally but physically.

Q: Do you have to seek out veterans and ask them how do it get ready for this game with the short week?

A: Not necessarily, if anything you just kind of follow suit with what everybody else is doing, so you still continue to do what you normally do, so I guess you’d make this day a Friday if you were in  a normal Sunday type game week, but you still go like you would normally.

Q: Did you do stuff like this in college with the short week?

A: We’ve had a Saturday game and then a Thursday game, so it’s still a little different as far as playing Sundays in the league, but we’ve had a quick turnarounds before and we’ve handled them well.

Q: The numbers look pretty good for Cleveland’s defense, what do you see on tape and what do they do well defensively?

A: Yeah, they do a great job flying to the ball, they do a great job covering deep, their safeties are going to try playing the box to try and stop the run, that’s something they tried to do verse the Baltimore Ravens and they did last week verse Cincinnati, but none the less I think we have some things we can do against them to counter that and we’re just continuing to practice and be ready for those guys.

Q: You saw how important last Sunday it was to run the ball, can you do it against this team that’s the top five run defense?

A: Definitely, we had some great players on our defense, they did a great job getting turnovers, fumbles and interceptions, all kinds of things, give us some short fields, so that obviously helps me as a quarterback and helps our offense as well, so if we can continue to play like that and complement each other, offense complement the defense and vise-versa I think we’ll do well.

Q: CJ and Fred are both banged up, if they can’t go or have trouble during the game, is that something where you want to assume a leadership role?

A: I’m pretty sure they will be able to go.