EJ Manuel: "We beat a great team today"

Posted Sep 29, 2013

The Bills quarterback talks about the 23-20 win over the Ravens.


Q: What are your overall thoughts about today’s win?

A: Huge win for our team. We’re 2-2 now moving forward to a quick turnaround here with Cleveland coming up Thursday. We beat a great team today; great offense, great defense. I thought we played well today.

Q: Was the plan coming in trying to be a little more physical?

A: We wanted to be physical today. We did a little more 21 personnel. I think it worked out well for us. We ran the ball great. Offensive line did a huge job getting off the ball and the defense played a great job creating turnovers, getting us some shorts field and putting some points on the board.

Q: Describe the first touchdown pass to WR Robert Woods.

A: When the run game works those safeties and linebackers are going to start scooting up a little more trying to be more aggressive to stop the run at the point of attack, you know made a great play action fake with the running back. Woody did a great job with his route like a corner post and was wide open down the field. It was a good play.

Q: Coach says that you guys leave a lot of plays on the field; do you see it the same way?

A: There are always things you can do better, but none the less we won the game today and that’s the biggest thing. We want to be excited about that and look forward to Cleveland now.

Q: Describe Fred’s (Jackson) touchdown and what you saw on that play.

A: Another great job by the offensive line, opened up the gap for Fred. He went in and broke a couple tackles and did a great job getting into the end zone.

Q: Do you view this as a bounce back game and how satisfied are you?

A: I’m very satisfied that we won today. It’s still a team game, it’s a team effort. I’m not going to put everything on myself and the team’s not going to put everything on each individual. It’s a team game and it was a team win for us.

Q: How do you feel after your fourth game and do you feel like you keep gaining more confidence?

A: Definitely. Having a lot of snaps after this being my fourth game of my career, I’m learning something every snap and just trying to take advantage of that.

Q: Describe the touchdown pass to Woods that was reversed.

A: I thought it was a touchdown. I thought it was a great catch by him but the referees saw it differently so just had to move forward.

Q: Did Coach Marrone say anything about the tempo of the offense as you guys were letting the clock go down to 10, 12 seconds.

A: It wasn’t anything that Coach Marrone said, I think it more so the offense going through our checks and making sure everything was declared how we wanted to so we could block the correct guys.

Q: Talk about the deep ball that was underthrown and intercepted

A:  Just have to put more on it and count on the guy. Again that’s definitely frustrating, but move forward from it and just learn from it and throw the ball deep.

Q: Do you know that you’re going to get hit on those kneel downs at the end of the game when you have to run the clock down?

A: I understand how it works. You’re going to take a knee but you’re going to waste some clock. You have to except guys to come at you. That’s what they did on their defense and I understand.

Q: How much did Baltimore’s defense change in the second half?

A: Yeah I’m sure they made a few adjustments to counter to our running game and things like that. None the less I thought we did a good job and our defense stepped up for us too.

Q: How is it watching your defense with the game on the line?

A: Just having faith in those guys. They’ve been playing great the whole game. I think they had five turnovers or five interceptions at that time, hey why not get one more and luckily they got a stop and got us the ball back.

Q: Can you walk us through the touchdown pass to WR Robert Woods as a lot of people are talking about the way you stretch the defense with the deep pass?

A: We were running the ball great. The safeties and linebackers are jumping up so we did play action fade, just came around and set my feet and let it go. Woody ran a great route and was wide open.

Q: Did you know that Lardarius Webb was out of the game at that point? Is that something that maybe you noticed in the personnel matchup?

A: I didn’t notice.

Q:  It seems like scoring points early made a difference and made you guys more committed to stick with the run and easier to play with a lead.

A: Yeah it is, it’s always tougher to play from behind but when you can get some early points; not only does it help the offense but it helps the defense and special teams as well. It takes off some pressure of those guys knowing that we’re playing in front instead of from behind trying to do catch up.

Q: How many times did you bobble the ball at the end of the game?

A: That was a record of four or five, I don’t know, but luckily we got it back. You can’t do that kind of stuff. It was a just a late pull and Suggs was coming down and just trying to get extra yards but luckily we got it back