Jeff Tuel: "You never know what’s going to happen"

Posted Aug 24, 2013

The Bills rookie quarterback talks about getting extended playing time after Kevin Kolb left the Redskins game with an injury.

August 24, 2013


Bills QB Jeff Tuel

On what he learned from going into the game earlier than anticipated:

“Just to be ready when my number was called. I didn’t know when that was going to be. [Offensive Coordinator] Coach Nathaniel Hackett doesn’t really tell us, but just to make sure we are ready. Just to be ready to go in whenever.”

On his outlook on another preseason game in five days:

“I’m honestly just preparing the same way I have since the go, since the get-go. This is exactly why, because you never know what’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen. You have got to be ready at all times. I was prepared like I was the number one guy at the beginning, the beginning of camp. I’m going to go in with the same approach this week and just see where it takes me.”

On how much he is going to lean on his high number of reps going forward:

“Oh it’s huge. It’s been a tremendous opportunity for me to just get those reps because every rep you learn something, you get better. Just to be able to have those reps earlier in the preseason has been huge for me, it’s really going to help me going into this week and for the rest of the season.”

On the offense being backed up in terms of field position today:

“Yeah, it was tough. It was tough, you know. Like you said, we were backed up, but we’ve got to be able to come out of it and we’ve got to move out of those things.  If we’re going to be a good football team and go to the playoffs those are the kinds of things we’ve got to be good at and get better at. We are going to watch the film and get better at it.”

On looking ahead with injuries to other quarterbacks:

“I try to take everything just one day at a time. Tomorrow is a day off so I’m concentrated on that, and then we have practice Monday. So I’m just focused on watching the film today and getting better, then practice Monday and just taking it one day at a time. If you put too much on your plate, you create too much stress for yourself and you don’t play as well. So I’m just really trying to keep it as light as I can and just take it one day at a time.”

On team rallying behind him:

“I’ve been really trying to earn the trust of my fellow teammates and coaches through camp and OTAs and everything, so that – when and if this happens – that they would rally behind me and trust me and trust me with the offensive and stuff. We’ve got a great group of guys in there. Offensive line that took care of me and helped me out with things. It’s just a great group of guys.”