Kevin Kolb: "Yesterday was a big improvement for me"

Posted Aug 14, 2013

The Bills quarterback talks about how he's feeling, getting the opportunity to start, and when he started to feel comfortable again.

QB Kevin Kolb

Training Camp – August 14, 2013

Q: How do you feel after the week you’ve had recovering?

A: I’m very excited. I’m excited that my body is allowing me to and coach is allowing me to. Like I said, I have a chance to get out there and enjoy the fun with the guys and get this thing started.

Q: How has your knee progressed this week? Better every day?

A: Yes. Obviously yesterday was a big improvement for me. I felt my feet get back underneath me. I was able to push the ball down the field a couple of times. I was happy with it.

Q: When were you able to feel comfortable again after having to miss some days?

A: I guess (sometime) yesterday. The reps were really the way they were before. Coach saw me in individuals and said ‘Hey you’re looking pretty good.’ I said that I feel great. So we decided right there to push through like a normal practice. Once that mind frame sets in, you’re good to go. The next thing is the game and preparing for the game and going 100 miles per hour.

Q: Can you comment on your mobility?

A: I wouldn’t say my knee is a second thought, I still feel it out here, but it’s definitely not...when the lights come on Friday, I don’t think it will be an issue.

Q: Do you think Friday is an opportunity to prove your point?

A: That’s one of them. It’s obviously a big one. We’ve had a lot of shots. We’ve had shots with OTAs and obviously it picks up and we go from here. I just think, like I’ve told you guys before, you can’t focus on that stuff. You have to focus on as a quarterback, how do I get better and you have to be coachable. That’s a big thing for Nate (Hackett) and our offense. That’s what I’m out here to prove.

Q: How will it feel playing with all young wide receivers on Friday?

A: We definitely wish those guys (Stevie Johnson and T.J. Graham) were out there. With Stevie and his style of play, but you can’t help injury, as we know. Those guys are proven and they can make plays for you. We’ve seen it whenever they were out there. I’m impressed by the guys behind them. Everybody is working hard. The receiving corps has a lot of athletes and a lot of guys that are fighting for positions.

Q: Do you feel you have caught up from your time missed?

A: I don’t know if I can say one way or the other. I think once you’ve missed time, you can never get that time back. You’re always going to be missing out on something or lose something. It was difficult coming back after missing those five days and getting back in the groove of things, but like I said, yesterday was a good day for me mentally and physically. I’m putting that week behind me and moving forward.