Kevin Kolb: "You have to make plays whenever your name is called"

Posted Aug 18, 2013

The Bills quarterback talks about the injury to EJ Manuel, and getting the chance to start the third preseason game on Saturday against Washington.

QB Kevin Kolb

Training Camp – August 18, 2013

Q: How does the injury to EJ Manuel change your approach?

A: It really doesn’t. Obviously I was pushing with the competition this whole time, pushed to be out there now and forever and Week One and whatever it is. From my mindset, it really doesn’t affect me much. I hate it for him because obviously he’s been doing real well, and he’s progressing. But he’ll get right back in the action.

Q: You just went through this, missing some practice time. How much did it set you back in terms of what you guys are doing?

A: I think the frustrating thing is whenever you’re progressing the way you want to progress, and then you have this setback. I feel like that happened to me a little bit. I’m sure he feels like that’s happening to him a little bit because he had two good games under his belt. I can’t put words in his mouth, but that can be a little bit frustrating. But just being around him, the little time that I have with his competitive nature and the way he approaches things, he won’t have a problem jumping back in.

Q: Is it easier for you as a veteran to come back from an injury than maybe a rookie?

A: I have no idea. I wasn’t injured as a young player and I haven’t been in this situation. So, again, I can’t put words in his mouth.

Q: As a veteran, is it your job to help tell the team that everything is going to be all right?

A: Absolutely, yeah. I’ve been in this situation before. There were times whenever I had to come in during games. There’s been times I’ve had to come in when guys who got injured after games and something like this popped up the next day and had it repaired during the week. It’s nothing new for me and I look forward to the challenge and the expectations and start with the Redskins.

Q: I’m sure you are welcoming the extra reps. I’m sure you’ll get more reps in this game than maybe you otherwise would have.

A: Yeah, that’ll be nice. It really will. It will allow you to get in a groove. It was obviously, like I told you before, there was a little bit of rust for me to knock off. So this will just help continue to do that and be prepared for everything down the road in the future.

Q: Did the news catch the team by surprise?

A: You know, what’s funny is when he got up from that one run, you can tell when you’re around a guy a lot and the way he runs and the way he acts and the way he grimaces and stuff like that. It just looked like something was a little wrong. And when he came to the sideline, he really wasn’t talking to anybody that much, so I could tell something was on his mind and I just left him alone. So it wasn’t a complete shock and I didn’t know anything about it obviously. But you could tell, I think the guys around him on the sideline could kind of tell something was bothering him just a little bit.

Q: How much when Jeff [Tuel] and EJ [Manuel] are in the game do you talk to them on the sidelines?

A: Just for things I feel like they’re not seeing or that there’s no way that they can see it. I’m never going to be the guy, the veteran quarterback that’s in his ear all the time, trying to over coach him, trying to act like I know it all. Both those guys have done a great job. They’ve played well so far. There will be some things they haven’t seen that maybe I have, and I’ll try to help them here and there. But I’m never going to be the old vet that’s bothersome in that way that’s trying to act like he knows everything. I’ll keep the door open if they want to ask, then they know they can come to me. We have that kind of relationship. But I don’t want to press anything on them, let them be their own QB.

Q: When Stevie [Johnson] returns, do you feel like you’ll have enough time with him to get back in sync?

A: Yeah, I think so. He’s a great player and we want him out there. This offense is a little bit unique. It’s progression and it’s not all just about timing and stuff like that. It’s got some different intricacies to it. I feel like we have plenty of time to get him back in the motions and get him back to where we want him to be and get comfortable with him.

Q: Is it disappointing that other factors like injuries are coming into play with the quarterback competition instead of it being decided on the field?

A: Sure, you’d rather it be that way. But the season is a long season, 16 regular season games, four preseason games and hopefully with playoffs and a Super Bowl. I know you guys want to hint towards the individual competition and stuff like that and the position competition. But it is a full-team game. Whoever the starter is going to be, you’re going to have to rely on that other guy at all positions because you’re going to step in, make plays whenever your name is called and win a couple of those football games in the middle of the season. It happens every year with every team. We’re in it together and hopefully they can all transpire into wins and getting through different situations.