Mario Williams: "We all picked it up when we needed to"

Posted Oct 20, 2013

Bills defensive end Mario Williams came up with a couple of big plays that helped the Bills to a 23-21 victory in Miami and talked to the media about it after the game.

Buffalo Bills DE Mario Williams
(On how he feels about the win overall) - “You know, definitely was a team win. We all picked it up when we needed to. As far as getting after it, and facing some adversity here and there, and just playing hard and playing through.”

(His thoughts on the fumble in the fourth quarter and what he thought during the play) - “Well, you know, we definitely needed to get the ball back in good field position. When I came through I realized I had a shot on him. I was like ‘there’s the ball,’ so I just went for the ball. Got it out, Kyle (Williams) got on it. Just so you guys know, Kyle meant to fall on it. He really wasn’t trying to pick it up. He really wasn’t. He meant to fall on it and it was actually the best thing for us because when you look at it, you know, it allowed us to run the clock out, and to get us in a better position. We could’ve scored, or then they got the ball back, and who knows what would have happened.  So it was definitely a heads up play by him doing that at the end of the day.”

(On if he was looking more at the football instead of the quarterback when he created the fumble in the fourth quarter) – “On that one, yes, for sure. First one, no. But second one, yeas.”

(On if his fourth quarter sacks were possibly two of the timeliest plays he has had in a Bills uniform) - “You know I can’t really say that. My opportunity presented itself. Being able to have everybody beside me, and play off on each other, it came through.”

(When Fred (Jackson) told him to go make something happen for the team and if it was right before that series) – “Yes, it was right before then, and it was also right before that last Hail Mary, which kind of   pissed me off a little bit, but I’m not going to say that.  We go out there and we fight, and we claw. We got a lot of close games this season alone. It was great to see the outcome of it with them throwing the Hail Mary, but you know we had him about three times before he threw it.  We got to finish that because, for us, it’s great to win, but who knows, I’ve seen crazy things happen. They throw the ball up, it gets tipped, it goes here, he catch it, whatever. So we got to finish that, including me being the first one to hit him, and hit him again twice on the same play. We got a lot of work to do still. We got to stop making this game hard, we really do.”

On his view of the play where Bills quarterback Thad Lewis got his helmet knocked off, and if that fired up the Bills defense) – “He’s tough man. He’s tough. I hit him one time in practice, and he’s tough.”