Mario Williams "finally at peace"

Posted Sep 15, 2013

The Bills defensive end talks about the 24-23 win over the Panthers.


Q: Was that your favorite game since you’ve been here?

A: Yeah. The W is the most important thing; just the whole team and the mentality, especially mine. I don’t think I’ve felt that way in the last five years, so that’s great. I finally feel like I’m at peace just as a person.

Q: You felt that way mentally as opposed to physically?

A: It’s the whole mentality. I mean even physically. I feel great. Everyone’s talking about this and that but I know the deal. I know how I feel. I know my mental state. I’m definitely the best mentally, the best feeling of peace, just taking care of business and going out and playing hard.

Q: Why did you not have peace before? There’s no mistaking that it hasn’t been an easy time for you since you got here.

A: Everything. Football is football but you have a personal life and a life in general. The players know the beginning of this season was totally different in my mind frame and my demeanor.

Q: How important is it for a player to have that in order to be effective?

A: It’s very important. I give a lot of credit to the coaches and the players here. They’re there for me, I’m there for them. It’s just the atmosphere. Everything’s different and it feels great. The biggest thing for us is just to win. We have to win as a unit.

Q: What was your perspective on the winning scoring drive? What were you doing on the sideline and what were you thinking when the offense went out?

A: I was thinking we can’t let it go again. (Last week) we ended up with the defense out there and we didn’t take care of business. The offense came out there and they stepped up with no timeouts and drove down the field. That shows the character of this team. There are ups and downs but we definitely keep it going.

Q: What does a win like this do for a young team?

A: It boosts our morale for sure. It shows that we can believe in each other, take care of business, especially when it comes down to something that’s been our Achilles heel before. To come out and do it in this fashion was great.

Q: How good did you feel early in the game?

A: I felt great. Physically I feel great and mentally I’m better than ever. Just going out there and playing ball, staying calm. I’m probably one of the calmest persons you’ll ever meet. I just go out there and try to make it happen.