Marquise Goodwin on his TD: "It was a perfect ball by Thad"

Posted Oct 13, 2013

Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin made a big play in his first game back from injury, scoring a 40-yard touchdown, and talked to John Murphy about that and coming up short against the Bengals.

Q: How bittersweet was it today?

A: “It is what it is. You win some, you lose some, but what matters really is how we’re going to come back next week and perform against Miami, so just looking forward to that game. (We’re) going to put this game behind us, 24-hour rule, and get this thing rolling back right.”

Q: Can you take us through the touchdown?

A: “He was off coverage, and I knew he was going to jump outside, because that’s what he had been doing the whole game. (I) squeezed it inside of him and just ran for the ball and it was a perfect ball by Thad.”

Q: Did you make a bond with (Lewis)? How does it feel?

A: “Yeah, it feels great. Thad and I, we’re friends off the field, so him stepping in was an easy fix.”