Marrone on incident involving Spiller’s grandfather

Posted Aug 24, 2013

Bills head coach Doug Marrone comments on the media reports involving the grandfather of RB C.J. Spiller

Bills head coach Doug Marrone was asked about the events surrounding the grandfather of C.J. Spiller, who is the subject of a reported shooting incident in Florida.

“I was made aware just now that there are various reports out there,” said Marrone after Buffalo’s Saturday preseason game at Washington. “I did know that the situation did occur prior to us playing. I didn’t know anything about any facts or anything like that and I still just became aware of the facts that there are media reports out there, but I have no idea of what exactly is true and what’s going on.”

When asked if Spiller knew about any of the details of the event prior to the game, Marrone did not think his top running back had been fully informed about it.

“As far as I know he knew that there was something that happened personally, but we really didn’t have any information prior to the game,” said Marrone. “I was aware of the various media reports right after the game, but no one knows all the facts so I’m not going to comment at this time.”