Robert Woods: "The whole running game opens up everything"

Posted Sep 29, 2013

The Bills wide receiver talks about the 23-20 win over the Ravens.


Q: Robert, how is the feeling getting that win and evening the record at 2-2 against the defending Super Bowl Champions?

A: We’ve broken even the first quarter of the season, played a great team, the Ravens, put up a great fight, got on them early battled back and a great finish for us.

Q: How much do you thank the run game for that, especially that lead to your touchdown pass?

A: Yeah, the whole running game opens up everything for us receivers, sets up the play action and the deep passes. The running game went well drawing the safety down, left me one on one by the corner and a great ball by EJ (Manuel).

Q: On the call where they said you bobbled it and called it incomplete, what’s your opinion?

A: My opinion is I caught the pass, you see the film, I had it in my bicep then switched hands which showed control, but the referees at the end of the day have the final call and that’s what it was.

Q: Can you talk about the chemistry that continues to come on between you and EJ?

A: Coming in as rookies we’re just trying to get better and develop and grow each game, each game is a learning experience for the both of us. He’s developing, he’s pulling wins for his offenses, and not looking at him as a rookie but as this teams’ quarterback and a leader.

Q: How would you describe the teams’ rhythm today, given that you slowed things down a bit more?

A: I mean it went well, we’re executing. I think in a way it kind of did help us with the time coming towards the end of the game. We’re still trying to run plays fast but sometimes you just have to communicate and that’s what slows down the game.

Q: Did it feel any different where you guys were going up tempo all throughout the summer, this is really the first time things slowed down a bit?

A: I mean, not at all, at the end of the day it is still football, we are still playing in between the whistles no matter if it’s quick or fast, it’s still football for us.

Q: What about the commitment to the running game today?

A: Our game plan was to come into this game running the ball, a lot of double tight ends and fullback. Just to play a powerful football, play physical with a physical team, I think we did that, did great on the ground, and other than that I think we did pretty well.

Q: Tell me about how the defense gave you guys extra possessions today…five picks, that’s five extra possessions kind of helps sometimes.

A: Yeah, that helps us. I think we have to do better and capitalize on, instead of field goals when we get turnovers like that, but our defense played excellent with the turnovers, Aaron [Williams] and Kiko [Alonso] making big plays for us on the defensive side of ball.

Q: What goes through your mind when the games not really in your control, it’s on the defense?

A: I’m confident in our defense, they’re always getting turnovers, flying to the ball. It’s funny because Stevie called it out and said we were going to get an interception and that’s what happened with Kiko, you just have to have faith in your team and your defense and they pulled through for us.

Q: Did he callout who was going to get the interception?

A: No he didn’t.