Stevie Johnson: "We'll be ready for them next time"

Posted Sep 9, 2013

The Bills wide receiver talks about losing to the Patriots, his dropped pass, and his touchdown catch from EJ Manuel.

WR Stevie Johnson

Q: What did you make of some of the coverage decisions made yesterday where it looked like they were trying to prevent the big play from happening?
A: I’m not surprised. They made adjustments from the first half to the second half. There was a lot of man coverage early and then the second half they began dropping back in a zone. They made the change up and I think we had action at making the big play downfield. It’s there on film. We’ve just got to be able to execute it.

Q: Would that have made it easier for C.J. Spiller if you could?
A: You’re not going to have a great game every week. C.J. ran well. Freddy (Jackson) stepped in and filled that spot, filled that void I guess. That’s what it’s got to be like. One person go down, you got to have somebody else that’s ready to play. I think we did that. It’s the first game of the season. Frustrating, but at the end of the day looking at it you’re excited about it.

Q: Did you cringe when you watched the film and saw your drop in the fourth quarter?
A: It looked like the play should have been made, but with me extending how I did it was like my length got my hand son the ball. I feel like it was harder than what it was, what really happened. Looking at the film man, yeah because I was wide open. I beat the guy and how they blitzed it and I was waiting for it. When I seen it I was like, ‘Ok’ and it was tougher than what it looked.

Q: What had you so aggravated after the game yesterday?
A: Me being here for that amount of time that I’ve been here and it seemed like the last three times, it was just something personal against that team I guess. It ended in the same way and out of that was my frustration. Nothing with anybody, nothing with any play. We know that, like I said earlier, you can’t have a great game every week. As far as every play, every play isn’t going to be perfect. The game could go either way and I feel like we’ve been to this point with this team too many times. It is what it is, they came in and took one from us. We’ll be ready for them next time.