Thad Lewis: "I didn't miss a beat today"

Posted Oct 16, 2013

The Bills quarterback talks about his foot injury, returning home to Miami to play the Dolphins, and what he would like to improve on in his second start for Buffalo.

QB Thad Lewis

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Q: How does the foot feel?

A: Feels great. I was able to get out there today, move around and do everything I normally do, so it feels great.

Q: Do you have any limitations?

A: No, no limitations at all. I did a great job treating it the last couple days so I was able to go.

Q: Have you felt pretty good in terms of driving off that back foot?

A: Felt great. I didn’t miss a beat today, which is positive and something to look forward to going into tomorrow and things of that nature. My foot is fine and I am able to go.

Q: How do you assess your performance on Sunday?

A: I did okay. We didn’t get the win so I didn’t do good enough. There are a lot of things to learn from, a lot of things to build on and that’s what this week is for. That is what practice is for these next couple days and you’re going to try and not make the same mistakes you made last Sunday, this Sunday.

Q: How much have you looked at Miami, are you excited?

A: You’re just excited every week you get to play football in general. I looked at the defense, they're a great defense, they do some things. Similar to Cincinnati, they're great up front so we just have to go out there and execute the game plan and play within the scheme. Hopefully the plays come.

Q: Thad, do you remember the old Dolphins and Bills rivalries from the Jim Kelly, Dan Marino days?

A: Oh yeah, I definitely remember those. Growing up in Miami, watching “Dan the Man” which we called him, that was his nickname where I was from, but you loved watching the guys playing when they come down to sunny Miami. Those were the great old days.

Q: Did you ever play in that stadium?

A: Yeah, I played in there in college when I was at Duke pairing the University of Miami.

Q: In high school at all?

Q: No, not in high school.

Q: Did you go there much as a fan?

A: Yeah, not to Dolphins games. I think I went to one Dolphins game growing up.

Q: Are they your team?

A: Yes, the Dolphins are always your team but when you’re a kid and your parents can’t afford to take you to a Dolphins game, it’s on TV every week so you don’t miss it.

Q: How many tickets do you have this week Thad?

A: I think about 15 tickets.

Q: Is there anything you’re looking to do specifically better and build on last Sunday going into this game?

A: Just limiting mistakes. Actually I want to take care of the ball a little better than I did last time. That was a costly fumble so you never want to put your team in a predicament like that. So going in, take care of the ball, and some of the reads I might have missed, make sure I correct that this week.

Q: When you look at the video, is it an “ah-ha” moment, how have you responded when you look back at your own game?

A: You are your worst critic. You go in thinking, you should have had that maybe if you just checked the ball down here or there. Definitely the time where I fumbled, I knew better than that. The quarterback has to take care of the football so that was kind of discouraging but something I need to work out here in practice and that was ball security so I did that today.

Q: What does it mean to you to be playing in Miami this week?

A: It means a lot playing in the NFL, period. It’s just extra to get to go home and play in front of people you know and people that know you. It is a great opportunity.

Q: Is this something you could have envisioned when you were having difficulty buying tickets or seeing [the Dolphins] play on TV?

A: You dream as a child to obviously get to this level, but to be starting is a dream come true, so you just take it in stride and try to make the best of the situation.

Q: The amount of time between your first start and your second start was obviously a big deal of time, how different is it to have the opportunity to follow up right away this time?

A: I think it’s better in a sense because it’s the game plan and you know what you did. I had a whole off-season to think about some of the mistakes I made in that game and then you go through pre-season, I don’t play much. Now its six weeks into the season and you get a chance to start, but I get to go the following weekend, do what I love to do and play quarterback. Hopefully you can build on it.

Q: Prospect of getting Stevie Johnson back?

A: It would be big to go out well as a unit with him. It would just add another dimension to our offense getting him back and hopefully we could get everybody back healthy, hopefully be a force to be reckoned with.

Q: How did you feel after making what looked like an effortless pass to Marquise Goodwin for the touchdown?

A: Obviously you feel great doing what you can to help your team to get in a situation to win a ball game. Obviously it wasn’t enough because we didn’t come out with the W. Try to build on that and hopefully get a win. Whatever you do on Sunday is okay, but unless you get a W it really doesn’t mean much.

Q: What did you see on that passing game, for a guy just coming back, the chemistry seemed admirable.

A: We had passes like that in practice; we just got an opportunity to link up. We thought we had a pass interference call on the first go ball early in the game, but this time he was able to run by the guy. With a guy with that type of speed you have to give him something he can run under. I just gave him a pass that he could probably run under. The worst thing you think about is him out-running your ball, that’s what you don’t want.

Q: It looked like you had to extend yourself in the pocket a little bit?

A: Yeah, I had to double clutch because he released inside. When he released inside I wanted to see his angle, was he going to keep straight this way or was he going to stack the wide receiver, and he actually did a great job stacking. That’s when I was able to gather when I wanted to throw him the ball.

Q: Having Stevie back, third down conversions are really important, do you feel Stevie would help getting some movement with the sticks a little bit?

A: Anytime you can have all your weapons at full force it is going to do a great deal for your offense because you can do some many different wrinkles and put guys in so many different places. Getting him back and just adding another dimension to the offense. With the third down situation, it’s something we have to work on as a unit and hopefully it’s something we get going into Sunday’s game