Thad Lewis: "We're right there"

Posted Oct 13, 2013

The Bills quarterback talks about his injury and the 27-24 overtime loss to the Bengals.


Q: Can you explain your injury situation?

A: We checked it out. I should be fine. We did the test and I should be fine. That’s a great sign.

Q: Do you know when the injury happened?

A: I actually can’t recall the play when it happened. I just knew I pretty much got sore throughout the game.

Q: You were riding the bike throughout the game

A: Just so I didn’t get stiff.

Q: What do you think of being able to sustain those two scoring drives in the fourth quarter?

A: It’s a great job by the coaching staff, Coach (Nathaniel) Hackett calling up plays, the offensive line protecting, and the running backs did a great job running the ball and obviously the receivers and the tight ends so it was a team effort. Hats off to the defense, they stepped up and got the ball back. We were able to execute two drives and put points on the board.

Q: Was TE Scott Chandler the primary read on his touchdown play?

A: We had four verticals. It actually was all out so we slid the line where we thought the blitz was coming from which was #20 and we picked it up. He had a defensive lineman on him, defensive end. So I saw the mismatch and I slid to the right because I knew my line was sliding left when I saw the guy drop and I gave him a pass and he did the rest of it.

Q: What do you think of your overall play today?

A: I think I did ok. It’s never good when you don’t come out with a W. That’s the reason you play this game, to win. But we did ok; we’ve seen some things that we can do better as a team. We’ll watch the film and correct the mistakes but we’re right there.

Q: What’s your approach when the defense is attacking the pocket?

A: Hats off to the defensive line. I thought what they were doing was stunting, rushing the ends up field and bring them back inside. As a quarterback you have to step up in the pocket, so the defensive line may know that and they did a great job with that. We adjusted that and got some plays ran.

Q: Can you walk us through the 25 yard pass to Chandler and then the touchdown pass to WR Marquise Goodwin on the following play?

A: They dropped eight. When you drop a lot of guys out of coverage you only have three guys rushing, so I had more time than I needed, we improvised a little bit and made a play but then come back and we have four vertical again. I see CB (Terence) Newman peaking in the backfield and he peaked for a second, Marquise released inside. You want to get the ball to one of the fastest guys on the field. I threw the ball and he made a great catch.

Q: We were at all nervous? How were you feeling?

A: I had some great sleep last night. At the end of the day it’s football. It’s a game I love to play. It’s a game I’ve been playing since I was five years old. I wasn’t nervous at all because I knew the coaching staff and the guys there with me had my back. It’s not a one man sport. It is 11 guys on the field at one time.

Q: It had to feel good to throw that first deep ball to WR TJ Graham

A: It felt great. Coming into the game you’ve got to be confident in this league. If I was nervous in any way shape or form or fashion Cincinnati would’ve ate us up. I was confident going into the game but getting that first pass completed pretty much letting the defensive backs know that our receivers were coming to play.

Q: Is your injury just a sprain to your foot?

A: Yeah. That will be fine, just a sprain on the foot. They said the x-rays looked good so I guess that’s positive, not negative. It’s a good thing

Q: Talk about the work you put in this week coming off the practice squad to then starting

A: It’s fun. You get a chance to play football. It wasn’t like I approached it any different because that’s what I had been doing the previous weeks, before I just didn’t get the chance to play. When you’re a quarterback you have to prepare every week as if you were the starter even if you’re not a starter so that way it becomes second nature to you. So it was business as usual but this time I got a chance to step on the field and play.

Q: Does it give you any comfort knowing that this team played as well as it could against the Cincinnati defense, who shut down QB Tom Brady?

A: You go in, you’ve got to tip your hat off to the coaching staff who did a great job of planning. All we did was play within the scheme and execute. We feel good where we’re at but we’re not comfortable because we didn’t get the win. So until we start getting some wins, we still we won’t get comfortable. We’re going to continue to try to get that snowball effect going and continue to rack up the W’s.